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Good Deal or Not? “Grab-hold-of-your-soul restoration” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm 31 Comments

This house is located at 1645 Kramer Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“It’s more about feel than features; how you first feel walking in the door. It’s not about a stove or fridge, but how you feel while sharing a meal. Grab-hold-of-your-soul restoration with bathrooms and bedrooms about way more than just cleaning up and going to bed. The pure simplicity of an authentic period piece augmented by state-of-the-art systems. Not a cold developer job. Warm and Tranquil.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $448,750.

  • Rich

    The bedrooms are small, including the master, but the LR is decent sized. The renovation doesn’t seem overdone and it seems less claustrophobic than some of the other small houses that have been shown. two downsides–it’s n it clear what you could do with the backyard and the skinny pillar in the basement neither inspires confidence nor makes it appeal as living space.

  • Lots of people are putting in those glass entry doors these days, I love em, but I can’t help thinking about how easy it is for someone to simply break them and walk into the house. Bars also screw up their great appearance. I’ve been thinking about getting a huge glass entry door for my house, but it would have to be bullet proof. Hah.

    • That’s not so crazy. Look into shatter-proof glass. I think it’s workable.

  • bfinpetworth

    So true. My house purchased in 2010 had that same type of front door on the front and the back. Although initially we insisted on no security doors, it took one robbery to convince us otherwise, and $5000 later, our house had security doors on the front, back, and basement doors, and security bars on the basement windows.

    My biggest fear was that someone would bust through the door glass during the day while I was at work and my little dogs would get loose. I just couldn’t stomach that risk for the aesthetics of no bars. I will say, however, that with the security doors, I am glad we have the glass doors because they reall help with the natural light in the living room and kitchen.

    • Anonymous

      One thing I appreciate about living in the city is that window bars & doors are more acceptable. I would want them living in the suburbs as well, but I’m sure I’d be considered a pariah for ruining the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

    • Alex

      I had the same thought about the front door. While pretty, it seems to just invite a burglar right on in. We had the standard iron gate security door on our house and it needed to be replaced. Instead of bars again, we had one of those security storm doors from Lowe’s installed. It offers a lot more safety than a regular storm door and looks better, IMO, than bars. If I purchased the place, that would be the first thing I would address. And then that weird gap in the kitchen cabinets would be #2. Hello? Ever hear of cabinet filler?

  • Anonymous

    The awkward gap in the kitchen cabinets are a dead give-away that this is a “cold developer flip.” However, I think it’s priced OK.

    • Anony

      That gap is the cabinets is HORRIBLE! Seriously developers, it’s not that hard. You can get a nice little filler piece and make everything look remotely presentable. Or, gasp, spend a few hundred bucks extra and get a custom piece to fill the gap.

      It makes me think what kind of gaps are left behind the walls.

      • Kramer Neighbor

        I went to the open house. The cabinet was moved after the pictures were taken and the house was beautiful–wonderfully bright and all outlets and light fixtures were brand new, as well as the appliances and flooring.

  • Jay

    Anybody know anything about this neighborhood?? What’s it like out here?

    • Anonymous

      You’re really close to a great public pool!

    • Let me just say that Google Maps “street view” is your best friend…

    • Anonymous

      Cute, quiet block. The walk to the metro can be a hike.

    • monkeyrotica

      Well, it’s certainly no Trinidad.

    • SF

      I live on Gales Street (one street north). It’s (mostly) quiet, a very short walk to H Street and Capitol Hill, and there is a fantastic neighborhood feel. There is still the odd-off crime of opportunity but they are few and far between. All in all it’s a great place to invest if you like H Street/Capitol Hill but you don’t want to pay through the nose for areas that already have sky-high prices.

      • Anony

        Short walk to Cap Hill?

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely. I live in the southern part of Capitol Hill, and while I wouldn’t say it’s a short walk it’s definitely not bad. It’s right next to the northeastern edge.

        • SF

          I guess people’s ideas of “short” are relative, but yes! It’s 2 blocks from the NE edge of Capitol Hill. I walk to Eastern Market almost every weekend, and walk round trip from my house to Lincoln Park regularly in the evenings.

  • I really like most of the staging/furniture/colors.

  • WM

    Recently moved to Kramer St. and live only a few houses away from this listing. I couldn’t be more pleased with the area, this block in particular. The Rosedale pool recently opened and the Argonaut is just two and a half block away. Just recently, the neighbors formed a community association (in addition to adopting the block) to organize trash pickups and coordinate a monthly meeting to discuss the state of the neighborhood.
    Happy to be a part of this neighborhood.

    • k

      I think I looked at this one a couple years ago. Massive bulge in the kitchen floor looked like a skate park. I would want to know what the developer took care of the cause, not just the symptom.

      Of course I could be recalling a different home, but it was on that street and looked like that house.

      • anonymous x2

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think it’s misinformed. This place is already under contract.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and yes, I would totally live in Rosedale. It’s just as safe or dangerous as anything else. But I wouldn’t pay $448k for anything there.

      • WM

        Good luck finding something cheaper that isn’t in need of a rehab.

        • SF

          Agreed. A few blocks further east and smaller, perhaps… but reno’d properties in this area have been going in the $400’s-$500s for some time now.

      • anonymous x2

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think it’s misinformed. This place is already under contract.

  • frickorfrack

    Kingman Park and 24th Street NE are awesome.
    I think this one is a little over priced because you can get way more house a few blocks away on a way nicer street…

    A few naysayers criticized Kingman Park in the past but you’d be surprised by how close it is…

    • WM

      Agreed. I had looked into what you described and a big factor in my choosing Kramer is that I was comfortable walking to and from H St. late at night.

      Despite the flaws mentioned above, I believe this place will go for asking.

      • Anonymous


  • anon

    So. Fresh Paint, a crappy parging job ’round the back, and an exposed screw-jack in the basement?

    “Grab-hold-of-your-soul restoration”

    Hahahahahahahahahah. Um… No.

  • Anonymous

    What IS with that cabinet job? Yikes – good eye, people. Maybe that’s where you put your soul when you finish grabbing hold of it. And I think they could have fixed that attic access panel in the bathroom while they were at it. Homebuyers – get them to fix that sh$t on the home inspection.


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