Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

On Monday a reader posted about a stolen scooter in the forum section. I’m happy to say the owner has been reunited the scooter. The owner writes and gives a heads up on new scooter registration rules:

Dear PoPville,

Thanks for your help with my sad stolen scooter saga. To wrap it up I am happy to report that it has been located. I wouldn’t have been able to find it if it had not been for the diligent internet work of my fellow Mt. Pleasant neighbors and the post on the PoP forum.

The police said they get about 50 scooters a week.

Also to note. The law just changed in DC about 50 CC scooters in the past year or so due to the amount of people on the road with them. It used to be 150cc that you had to have tags etc for. You must now have them tag titled and insured to be riding them. This wasn’t the case before which is why mine wasn’t. They stated that most people are unaware of the new law if they purchased their scooters before the law changed which was recent.

So for scooter riders its something to keep in mind because they said they are going to start pulling people over that don’t have tags and issue warnings to get the word out.

Thanks for all your help!


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