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  • Anonymous

    i found this sad because it seems to me to be a direct result of food truck competition. This was a great place to grab a to-go bite and sit in Farragut square. i of course love food trucks too, but clearly they’d have an impact on local businesses.

  • christopher

    The Wasabi at 2000 Penn also closed earlier this year, they were overpriced in my opinion.

  • anonymous

    They are open at Tyson’s Corner Mall it is a great location and very busy. They do have good sushi.

  • Harry

    The competition from food trucks didn’t close them up. It’s their overpriced mediocre sushi.

  • I didn’t think it was much good or that the Farragut food trucks killed it given that 2000 Penn closed at the same time. In the general area, there’s a family-owned sushi place inside the building with the WSC at 20th and I, and Kaz (much more expensive, obviously, but really good) does to-go if you call ahead. There’s also one of those ginormous “we serve everything” food bar places across from the FDIC that has surprisingly decent sushi.

    • That sushi place inside 20th and I is a bargain. I think it’s a father/daughter. They are always my go to sushi place in the area, even if there is a little line.

    • Anonymous

      Metcafe. I actually really like their sushi, and the dude who makes it is super nice.

  • It closed abruptly in February or March of this year – I went for lunch on a Friday, walked past on Monday, and it was closed. I was disappointed because it’s the only conveyor belt sushi restaurant in town other than the one next to the Verizon Center.

  • Agreed it was likely food truck competition. Didn’t help that they responded by raising prices and the guy behind the counter was a bit gruff.

  • Anonymous

    Their sushi is horrible.

    • cp

      agree. when they first opened it wasn’t bad. but the quality went downhill rather quickly. as someone else mentioned, they were pretty cranky in there and seemed put out when you asked for things – like soy sauce!

  • kh

    I know that Park Place started offering lunch time discounts to compete with the food trucks. So closing due to food truck competition is definitely not out of the question.

  • bee

    I actually wonder if their Groupon did them in? I was there….maybe november? because of a groupon and admitedly it was the last day but they were overwhelmed. they ended up having to promise people coming in after 8pm that they would honor their coupons the following week

  • Anonymous

    I thought the sushi at this location was pretty good, but I never cared for it at the Tyson’s Corner location.

  • Yeah, I liked this place, but not really for the sushi – although I did like their small spicy tuna rolls for $3.75. But what I really loved were the bento boxes, especially the chicken anticucho.

    I ran into the guy behind the counter about a month ago – he said they closed because they just didn’t have enough business. They were busy at lunch, but dead for dinner and on weekends. And the rent was high. The lunch trucks didn’t really affect them – they were still busy at lunch. They just couldn’t sustain things over the long-term.


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