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Win a Free ‘SUM’down Open Bar at Ping Pong Dim Sum for a Party of Four

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm 78 Comments

Photo Courtesy Ping Pong Dim Sum

From a press release:

Known for their modern twist to Chinese small-plate cuisine, Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown and Dupont Circle is offering another reason to gather around the table with the launch of the ‘SUM’down Open Bar.

An ideal after-work cocktail destination, customers can enjoy bottomless drinks every Tuesday from 7:00PM to 11:00PM for two hours. Guests can enjoy a variety of special cocktails such as a lychee & rose martini or a vanilla & chili sidecar, as well as a featured selection of beer, wines, and champagnes while nibbling on edamame throughout the night, for $25.

The folks at Ping Pong Dim Sum were kind enough to give away a free taste to a party of four from PoPville. Ping Pong Dim Sum is located at 900 7th St, NW in Chinatown and 1 Dupont Circle NW.

Just let me know why you want to go in the comments and I’ll pick the winner Friday.

  • While my boyfriend is working on the DC budget and I’m travelling 10 days for work, our friends will be helping out with some dog sitting. I’d love to win and take out our friends as a pre-thank you!

  • E&T

    Because I want to throw a “Pary”….. ;)

  • U Street V

    I want to go because my best friend just got dumped by her a$$hole boyfriend, who just happens to be Chinese. She needs to drown her sorrows with bottomless drinks and bottomless Chinese food. Plus, we’re all getting tired of hearing his name and need drinks, too!

  • G. Willikers

    Because their specialty cocktails sound interesting and tasty, and I haven’t had a good excuse to go to either location yet. Vanilla and chili sidecar? Yes please!

  • I’d love to go because I’ve been dying for an excuse to try Ping Pong recently, but never have, and because I love “Pary”s! ;)

  • Working across the street at 650 Mass Ave. we frequently stop by Ping Pong to celebrate birthdays, end-of-quarters, departures, arrivals, and other events with my colleagues at work. As consultants we’re usually out of the office but make an effort to get together at the end of the quarter and share battle stories over drinks and nibbles. Q1 just closed and we’re trying to figure out where to take the gang. This sounds perfect for it!

    At the onset of the Asian new year I was able to show off to my Asian friends that I knew this was the year of the dragon thanks to the large poster on their window!

  • Alex.I.S.

    Because dumplings are just the best! They are like tiny culinary presents, wrapped up all pretty with something special on the inside. And who among us couldn’t use some spontaneous and delicious presents once in a while? I know I sure could….

  • Hoodrat

    I need to celebrate some good news!

  • G on Parkwood

    BECAUSE I LOVE TO EAT AND DRINK EVERYTHING… and you’ll get a detailed blog review with photos to follow!

  • Matt Tice

    I was mugged and beaten a few weeks ago right near my house on Kansas Ave. in Petworth and due to that my back still hurts something fierce forcing my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend to give me back massages almost daily. I would like to give this to her as a gift for being so kind to me.

    I’d also proudly don my Prince of Petworth shirt I won last year and talk you up. Like “Oh the guy from this shirt? He single handedly saved a bus full of orphans from falling off a cliff while simultaneously finishing grad school. Unbelievable guy. Oh and read his blog.”

  • Paula

    I’m from San Francisco and haven’t had good dim sum since eating on the famous California street!

    Also, I would really like to treat my husband to a night out. My hubby is an immigrant and is trying very hard to make it in this country. He works 2 jobs (7 days a week) and takes english classes in the mornings. Last week he was let go from one of the restaurants he works at because he wanted to change his schedule. I earn a very low salary working for an organization with a mission I believe in and we are struggling financially. I want him to know that even though other people may think he’s replaceable, that I appreciate him!

    • David

      Got a car? Try Fortune Restaurant in the parking lot on 50 next to ytejh Home Depot. It ain’t no Sunday at Yank Sing, but it’s a good runner for the places in Chinatown in San Francisco.

  • Living on MtP

    My husband and I are helping two great friends plan their wedding. There are only a few weeks left until the wedding and stress is running high with tons of stuff still to do. I’d love to be able to take them out to de-stress in the midst of all of the challenging wedding planning. Plus, I love the Chinatown Ping Pong location and still need to try out the Dupont location. This would be the perfect occasion! Plus, I love POP!!!

  • k

    I’d be ecstatic to win this! I’d never have the money to take 3 friends out – I can barely pay for my own groceries! The people close to me deserve it for all of the support and companionship they have generously shared with me over the years.

  • I think I would be a deserving recipient because if I had won the Mega Millions I would have bought you an exotic bull frog for you to take out with you when you travel the streets of DC. Also because my husband and I work very hard and save every cent to invest in DC and make it a better place for everyone.

  • jd

    …because it’s right outside my window across the street just begging me to stop by.

  • cece129

    I deserve to go because I can eat an endless amount of dim sum and my friends and I often take advantage of their $25 bottomless dim sum on the weekend. We are loyal customers.

  • I don’t have a sad story, I would just love to have some free booze and awesome chinese food.

  • While disappointed that there was no actual ping pong when this place first opened, I am pleased that the establishment lives up to the dim sum part of its name. Kind of like how Buffalo Billiards has Billiards, but lacks Buffalo (which would have been AWESOME).

    But I digress…Why do I want to go to Ping Pong Dim Sum? Who *doesn’t* want to eat crispy prawn balls? More importantly, who knew that prawns had balls??

  • Jason

    Because my fiance continues to amaze me and deserves (and needs) a stress free night out with her girls — she’s wedding planning, working 80 hour weeks, and being incredibly supportive to her future sister-in-law who was recently diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Notwithstanding the fact that she’s the woman of my dreams, I could not imagine a more deserving person of a night out on the town…

  • Kathryn

    I rely on Ping Pong for my dumpling fix, and bottomless drinks would be second only to bottomless dumplings (props to their brunch deal).

  • ST

    because their brunch is epic and any excuse to go there is awesome!

  • Katie

    SUMthing tells me a clever pun might be in order here.

  • apaige

    Can you imagine being excited each and every day to wake up and provide social services in your community for literally no pay? (Actually, you’re paying for the experience to serve others)

    I would love to take a few of my hardworking fellow social work students out for a nice evening before we all graduate in May. Who could better appreciate free food and alcohol than your friendly neighborhood social workers!

  • Because I got duped into going to this over-priced, under-delicious place once, and the only way I’m going back is if it’s free.

  • CH_Kid

    Because I love Dim Sum!!

  • Teree

    Because Ping Pong’s Dim Sum is awesum, I’m awesum and I know three equally awesum people who will surely text, tweet, Facebook and Instagram about their experience.

    Did someone say free publicity?!

  • Because I’m hungry :)

  • CC

    Because I want to dim sum lights, baby, and spend the night with sum young guy.

  • amethystdeceiver

    Because I work across the street from the Dupont one and haven’t had dim sum anywhere in DC yet!

  • Kev

    I’ve lived in DC for almost 9 years but will be moving to Germany this summer with my spouse who’s in the Army. We’ll be overseas for 2-3 years so this would be a great going away party! I still have never been to Ping Pong and live only a few blocks from there.

  • I dream in pork buns.

  • CCM

    Because I KILL at ping pong and drinking.

  • Anonymous

    don’t bother, the food is horrible

  • NMS

    Because I know CCM, and can be witness to the KILLING.

  • ysheldo

    Because I love to eat there!

  • I totally want to win this to redeem my opinion of Ping Pong Dim Sum! I went a few weeks ago for the first time with two girlfriends before seeing a movie. We had a very nice but terrible waiter. He was a lovely young man, probably in his very early 20’s, and he clearly was not gifted in the art of table waiting. He brought us 2 of 2 dishes that we only ordered 1 of each, then brought us something we didn’t order, then we never got a dish, and we never got our last round of drinks. We ended up leaving without getting our last round of drinks because by that time, the poor service had made us almost late for the movie. Thank goodness for previews. Fortunately, we were all in a good mood, so there was no nastiness or anger, but this poor kid probably gave me the worst service I’ve had in DC in recent memory. I know lots of small plates can be a challenge (I waited tables at Jaleo many years ago), but this was beyond the pale. I have a big mouth and lots of friends, so I would think Ping Pong would want a chance to redeem itself before the word gets out ;-)

    • David

      Had the same guy. Next time with a different waiter was good.

  • My stepmother is Chinese (She’s from just outside of Shanghai). I love authentic Chinese food, especially dim sum and I’d love to take her and my father out to dinner there as we haven’t been yet and its only a block away from where i live.

  • Because my twin sons
    Need some dim sums
    To celebrate their upcoming graduation
    From Roosevelt Senior High School.

    One is part of the culinary arts program there and has been accepted to culinary school!

  • RGinDC

    Because I didn’t win the Mega Millions

  • Anonymous

    MY best friends and I all are on a tight budget . It would be a very welcome break from Ramen.

  • kristin

    Because I was a Peace Corps volunteer in China, and was sent back to the US recently enough that I still miss the food every single day. And I’m still unemployed so I never get to do anything fun, and I would love to share this with the friends who pieced me back together these past few weeks.

  • Each morning and afternoon on one of the city’s most terrible bus routes, I stare wistfully at the Dupont Circle Ping Pong Dim Sum. Rarely do I feel like I don’t need a drink after the 45-minute (each way) commute. Having a party at Ping Pong Dim Sum would make one evening’s commute so much better — I may even become a regular!

  • Kailey

    When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle.

  • Anne

    Because my boyfriend is amazing and doesn’t have nearly enough fun for someone who works as hard as he does. We love exploring new places and different restaurants in DC and this would be a great date night with friends!

  • I’d love to win this happy hour because I love PPDS’s tasty drinks. I’d also like to thank some friends for being especially helpful to me these past few months.

  • David

    Since I’m not clever enough to create a good pun, how about those of us who lose but work nearby set up a happy hour or lunch to honor PoP? The $15 lunch is good. I work in the building it’s in.

  • BowChickaBowBow

    I want my girlfriend to think I have good taste

  • Anonymous

    Because PingPong has the yummiest cocktails!

  • ILoveBiking

    Because it would be a great welcome home present for my military husband who has been away training. I have been an avid PoPville follower for years, and send my husband so many links that he now reads on his own too!

  • I’ve tried this place 4-5 times now and haven’t liked it yet. I need another chance!

  • tvl

    Because I’ve never had dim sum. Such things shouldn’t be allowed.

  • PK

    Because my awesome husband of almost 13 years is watching our two girls for the weekend so I can celebrate my 40th birthday with my sister and this would be a fantastic way to say thanks – he loves dim sum. Plus, we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday there and she just turned two!

  • Nobar

    My girlfriend is a med student at Georgetown about to finish her first year and she LOVES dim sum. I would love to take her out to celebrate a successful year with our friends who just got back from Haiti. Thanks!

  • Because I’m a cheap-ass lush with no compunction about groveling for anything “bottomless” especially booze?

  • LCTerp

    Two years ago a good friend of mine paid for my NYE dinner at Ping Pong as I was financially strapped and just broke up with my then bf. I haven’t been able to return the favor and this would be a great opportunity to do so.

  • DCboyInNY

    because I took a girl there on our first date and she is the most amazing person and we are still together more than a year and half since then. She thought it was the coolest place ever! The Jasmine Tea and the flower blooming was just magical to her ;)

  • Bonnie

    Because my soldier loves loves loves PING PONGS and I love love love HIM!!!

  • alkebulan

    Because I have been taking care of my father and haven’t been out on the town for food and drinks in six months. This would be a welcome break for me. Plus my favorite song is Eddie Murphy’s “Pary all the time!”

  • Dim Sum in bow tie
    //eat and drink til happily full
    //Grand end to work day.

    • …first time poster, wasn’t sure my carriage returns would be incorporated!

  • Allyson

    Because you don’t need a good reason to drink unlimited booze on a random Tuesday!

  • Laura G.

    because who doesn’t want free drinks and delicious food?!?! if you need a concrete reason, i am about to close on the purchase of my first home and would love to go out with a few friends to celebrate!

  • sm

    I want to go because it’s my 30th birthday! This would help me celebrate (mourn?) the end of my 20s.

  • Amanda

    Because I’m curious about this place, but I am too cheap to try new things I’m not guaranteed to like, so I haven’t been yet. If I win, I promise to review not only this place, but every place you post on this blog!

  • Priya

    I would love to win because I am a really loyal customer! I have some close friends who help me out a lot because I am a child welfare attorney who is broke as a joke, so I would treat them :)

  • Tara

    Because I want to love Ping Pong again. My last foray there left me somewhat lukewarm, after having waited over an hour for a morsel of food. I’m sure this taste party would lift that wrinkle from my mind.

  • Marie

    The place is delicious! Plus, I don’t work in DC, so whenever I get a chance to hang out in the city after work with all the cool kids on a beautiful day…life is good.

  • Jessica

    I wish I could come up with something witty, creative, emotional, or pandering, but it’s Wednesday morning and my brain is just not functioning on that level. With that being said, I could use a classy evening that someone else is paying for. They make a killer rose martini, and the food is pretty darn tasty. I don’t deserve to picked over anyone else, but I would like to be.

  • 1. I have a small business with just four people in our DC office taht is close to Ping Pong. We’ve been swamped this Spring and it would be a huge morale booster as we are all obsessed with the yummy Ping Pong!!!!!!! Plus we promise to never complain about anyone else there or the wait staff if we win :)

    2. (And maybe more importantly) I need the free drinking and eating to take my mind off of having to look across my street and see that What in the Helen of Troy PERGOLA on NJ Ave every day. Help me!!!

  • Adam K.

    Because…SHUT UP, that’s why!

    *Prays his older-school Simpsons reference gets him those tickets*

  • Thien-Kim

    I’ve never been there and it sounds delicious!

  • Lele

    Because I know the perfect 3 DC natives who don’t know what their missing when it comes to restaurants in the District! My friends have lived in DC all their lives and are disgustingly deprived of the awesome eats (and drinks) found throughout our neighborhoods. Help me help them!

  • Ang

    One of my good DC buddies told me about Ping Pong (and raved about it!) before she had to move to AL for work. We meant to check it out together but never did. I’d love to take her + 2 others next time she’s back in the District!

  • urbanbluegrass

    One of my friends is going through a breakup so we need a night out to welcome her back to singledom in style!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to Jason!


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