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(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “Sun drenched” edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2012 at 1:00 pm 9 Comments

This house is located at 3605 34th St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Sun drenched, semi-detached 3 BR w/FP in living room, large dining room, great deck, amazing eat-in kitchen & gorgeous bath. Huge attic storage space. Garage & off street parking. Near METRO & shops.”

You can see some photos here.

This house went under contract right away but it’s pretty rare to find one in Cleveland Park for this price. So I’m curious what you guys think it actually went for? This 3 bed/1 bath was listed at $675,000.

  • m

    I will be surprised if this went for any less than 700K

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a great deal. Bummer on the 1 bath though, probably why it is under $700k.

  • sv

    The lack of pictures, along with the low price, implies that maybe the rest of the house needs a fair amount of work, but I agree, even a fixer upper here would likely go for $700k+.

  • Anonymous

    Tiny. and the pics were not very informative. they only showed 1 bath and 1 bdr.

  • h

    I recently looked at this house and wondered what others thought. It is super nice but I am not sure it is priced right http://franklymls.com/DC7818546

  • rsn

    more pics here: http://360534th.com/

  • dcgent

    We never saw this because it seemed a bit too small for what we wanted (and no backyard), but it’s a tempting pricepoint to get the Cleveland Park location–the inside pics showed a much better interior than I initially expected. It’s a decent big condo alternative and I wonder if one might be able to buy the attached unit one day and join them.

  • The kitchen has an awkward layout. But the house is cute and a garage is a nice feature.

  • classic_six

    The inside is better than I expected but still average. The kitchen layout is awful and I guess you could say eat-in kitchen but barely b/c it’s way at the end of the corridor so it’s a little strange. The materials look like a mish-mash and weren’t really designed together: think countertop and backsplash, especially. I don’t like the beautiful glass walls outside of the bathtub…seems promising and then you have an ordinary tub. The outside is a little messy, chaotic but definitely has potential for great outdoor space. The 1 bathroom is a problem. I know there are people who disagree but there isn’t even a 1/2 bath. Anyway, it has some problems but I think it’s workable if changes were made.


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