Update on Tourist Killed in Petworth Tuesday – Possibly Related to other Assaults in the Area

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm 58 Comments

A reader sends the following report updating the homicide in Petworth Tuesday from a press briefing with MPD Chief Cathy Lanier:


Prelim info, Still a lot more work to do

Within past 48 hours, THREE separate incidents, assaulted or suffered head trauma

Not definitively linked – similarities that give us pause


Homicide on Tuesday April 24, 6pm – Gary Diedrichs, 66yo white male

Found unconscious, suffering from head trauma


Wed April 25, 3am, 53yo black male, 4800 block of GA Avenue – thought struck by car, only injuries were trauma to the head.

Blunt impact

Individual is still hospitalized


Wed April 25 8:40, 5600 9th Street NW – 37yo black female prelim investigation revealed struck in head by blunt object

Serious head trauma and remains hospitalized

10 block radius along GA Ave corridor


All 3 may have been walking alone at time of attack

All three suffered blunt force trauma to the head

May have been attacked suddenly and without provocation

Assaults occurred in small geographic area – 10 blocks – obviously until we get more info, residents in the area

Going fwd – anything you see or have seen suspicious, contact us, dial 9/11

Information about previous suspicious activity related – call police


Obviously we don’t really know what we have at this point – since it appears that all indivuals were alone at the time, ask residents to walk in pairs

MOTIVE – no apparent motive to include motive for robbery

  • Anonymous

    Motherfucking Christ – thanks for the warning.

  • Anonymous

    So we can rule out hate crime.

  • anon


    This is some sick shit.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Just what we needed, a psycho or a group of psychos whacking people over the head. I wonder if it is another “creative” way of getting initiated in a gang or something like that!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Good grief, if we “see something suspicious” we should call the police? How about the twice weekly 911 calls I make about the open drug dealing across from the park view rec center or any number of place with loud ass delinquents congregate at 1am? I am already sick assuming that these thugs are going to be assholes in “custody” of DYFS that have free reign to terrorize neighborhoods. 15 years in the city is making me just about ready to give the eff up. I hope someone from Graham or Mendelsons office reads these blogs…you guys suck and need to stop coddling criminals, I don’t care if they 14 or 19 years old.

    • Anonymous


    • Anon


    • dat

      +1 I also propose we start releasing the names and address of juvenile offenders.

      • MC

        Did you read that a juvenile(s) did this??

        • Rich

          No just a wingnut dropping a non sequitor. Given that the vast majority of juvenile offenders never get chareged with anything more than a traffic ticket as adults, it’s not exactly an efficient crime fighting strategy.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      I understand your anger, and I’ve heard the same statement about coddling criminals.

      But realistically, what should the justice system do with juvenile offenders? First felony offense, 15 years in prison? I’m sure that would suit some people just fine. But, it only addresses the symptom and not the problem.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, striking someone in the head with a pipe or similar should be considered attempted murder. No different from shooting at someone in terms of traumatic injury/death risk.

        • Except there is no evidence of that at this juncture. All anonymous and Chocanon are trying to do is drum up ugliness in an already ugly situation.

  • Disgusted in DC

    Why does this make me think of the “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” song, except that Little Bunny Foo-Foo was a Goon, even before the Good Fairy (Chief Lanier) intervened.

  • Ladylike

    Any word on any type of vigil for people who want to remember Gary’s life, and not tolerate this horseshit?

  • ZZinDC

    This is appalling; we should not have to walk in pairs to stay alive on the streets of this city.

    I understand the need to be smart and aware about security needs, but to think that we have to hesitate to walk alone – Incident #1 happened at 6PM, and Incident #3 was at 840 – either AM or PM. Right now, it’s almost 5PM and I am about to leave the office – who will escort me home? It’s sickening.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. This is terrifying. I seriously have no option but to walk home alone. If it’s late, I take a cab but that’s a luxury I have fit into my budget. I can’t be taking one all the time. And also, I don’t want to HAVE to.

      • Kenny

        Yeah, and Gray’s Taxi commission just increased Taxi fares so good luck with that!

    • Chocanon

      I agree. This violence is a national embarrassment, this is the nation’s Capitol and crime of this sort is unacceptable. I am so sick and sad for the victim’s family. And I am not a homeowner, not trying to protect/promote my investment. Just sick of the nonsense.

      • Anon

        +1. MPD and the DC Government should be ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking thugs. Where’s the Trayvon-esque outrage over this?!?

    • drsnacks


    • ridiculous comment. this has no relation. white, black, male, female victims – thus, indiscriminate. and a police force doing their best to put a stop to this. what are the parallels ?

      • Anon

        Thank you. I think it is ridiculous that after the evidence begins to look like the perp is a psychopath with no robbery motive and a drive to club random people over the head, folks are still commenting about youth crime and whatever other hatchets they have to grind.

        • Anonymous

          All I meant by my previous comment was that there needs to be the same level of outrage about these crimes as there was about the completely unjustified killing of Trayvon Martin. I’m sorry I didn’t convey that well. Wasn’t implying this was racially motivated. Just don’t want this kind of violence to be swept under the rug. I’m tired of hearing “well, that’s just DC”.

  • what

    What can we do to get the sentencing guidelines (or whatever they are) changed so that juveniles can be sentenced more severly? (note: not that we know this is related to juveniles, just saying).

  • KenyonDweller

    Everyone is jumping to the conclusion that these are related, when they may not be.

    • Anonymous

      Even if they are unrelated to one another, they are horrible on their own and deserve maximum punishment.
      ZZ indc-you are spot on. We alraedy knew we weren’t supposed to walk late night after the bars let, and NEVER ever with our phones or ipods, or hold ipad s on the metro at any time of day…but now we need the buddy system at 6pm in an otherwise busy neighborhood to stay the eff alive? damn, where is the outrage. I have alraedy written graham. Not that it does any good. Unless we have a massive overhaul of the juvenile system (and I am inclined to think there are youths involved) nothing will change. I also think another issue is that fewer kids are in foster care as the City is focused on keeping families togehter. Hello, thats probably the WORST place for some of these kids. Anyone see good parenting on the 52 bus by a 16 year old and her toddler. Can we bring back orphanages?

      • I cannot understand why anyone would assume that the crimes are related to Youth or Gang issues. It sounds much more as though it is a spree crime committed by a disturbed person. Either way, to convict (via the internet) young kids as killers without knowing a thing about the case is repugnant and borderline racist.

        • abrakebarbara

          + 1000

        • Chocanon

          Oh, yeah, maybe it’s the Italian mob.

          • Or maybe it is a bunch of crazy youth who just, out of the blue, decided to club 3 people over the head with no motive–yep, seems like we should debate the role of youth crime due to a spree of senseless violence that is looking like it had nothing to do with the type of property crimes you occasionally see in Petworth.

          • Anonymous

            Or Martians. Or ornery nuns from Catholic U.

          • Anonymous

            It’s those darn Amish gangs again!!!

  • A

    Not leaving the house…uh uh…not gonna do it.

  • Scary ish. Very sad.

    Let’s remember that murders are down drastically though.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s a really useful comment. Tell that to the family of the victim who died, or to the two victims who are recovering from head trauma.

      • You’re a bozo. Would you rather the murder rate was going up or down? This is a horrible situation but let’s look at the bigger picture here. Dramatic drops in the murder rate are extremely important.

    • Meg

      I never understood celebrating that statistic. Is it because people aren’t attempting murder as much, or because we’ve got a better emergency response?

      • Anonymous

        From the data I’ve read, both of those factors have are involved with the lowering of the homicide rate.

        • Meg

          So you might get beaten, but don’t worry, you won’t die.

  • Anonymous

    Four similar attacks within blocks and no one saw anything?

  • Seems like there was a very similar post to this July of last year. I believe people were being struck in the face/head with pipes and then robbed in the area around the Red Derby. I don’t know if an arrest was ever made in those cases or not. Could be the same person.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      While horrifying, the case you are referring to was a robbery. Perhaps even more frightening in these cases there is “no apparent motive to include motive for robbery”

  • Oh joy! I live in a basement apartment in the neighborhood that is also only accessible via alley. I feel SO SAFE now.

  • rh

    Dear Perpetrator,
    My neighbors and I are on the look-out you, you crazy f**k. You have been warned.
    May your deranged soul rot in hell.

  • Genny Gentrifier

    I find it funny that people bitch and moan about how the city Pols need to solve this crime spree, but in the last election, corrupt, ineffective Orange was reelected to the city Council.

    If there’s so much outrage about this, while do we allow Graham, Mendelson, M. Brown, K. Brown, Barry and Gray keep their jobs? We don’t have to be republicans about this, but we can demand Anti-loitering Laws, reform of the DC Juvenile Justice System, ending the Caribbean Parade, open-air drug dealing and other lawless aspects of old DC.

    • Genny Gentirfier

      ooops… While = why!

    • Absolutely! Sadly, very few think this way.

    • rh

      Here are the emails of the Mayor’s representatives for Ward One:
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      I have zero qualms about posting these emails and making my opinions known. Squeeky wheel gets the grease.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like there may be a serial killer on the loose in shaw

  • I’m a hospital nurse and learned of the assaults from a neurologist. The treating physicians suspect the incidents are related to gang initiation.

  • I currently live in Bethesda. My friends are trying to talk me into moving back into the city (specifically the Hill) but nuh-uh, no way. I like to feel SAFE on my walk home at 6 p.m.

    • KS

      Why does something that happened in Petworth make you feel unsafe walking home on the Hill?

  • jl

    Somebody is a sick bastard. Hope the two victims still in the hospital make a full recovery, wake up, and tell the cops who the F… did this.

  • Anonymous

    Just heard that Vernon Davis’ brother was arrested for three assaults, one that ended in death. Is this one and the same???


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