Metro’s first Bike & Ride facility Starts Testing in College Park

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2012 at 1:30 pm 8 Comments


Metro has begun testing a new, secure bicycle parking facility at the College Park Metro station.

Metro’s first Bike & Ride facility, which is expected to open to the public next month, is a secure, enclosed parking structure with space for more than 100 bikes. The enclosed 2,400-square-foot room can be found on the first level of the parking garage.

Bike & Ride users will need a personal access card to enter the Bike & Ride, providing a second level of security beyond a bike lock.

Bike parking in the facility is charged at a rate of 2 to 5 cents per hour. There are no monthly or annual fees. A one-time $5 charge is applied for new customer ID verification.

The testing period, which will continue for about a month, will allow a selected group of users to try out the new system and evaluate how it works. Metro is looking for comments on everything from the lighting, access and racks to the signs, card and door. Once comments from the testing period are addressed, the facility will become available for all registered Metro customers to use.

  • Anon3

    I’m happy to see this, however, it makes me wonder (and I should add that I’m not being snarky before I ask the following question): what would stop any tom, dick, or harry from getting one of the access passes themselves to gain entry? Even though the bikes are locked inside isn’t it, at that point, just like stealing a bike off the street? I assume there are cameras but even security cameras can’t always be depended on…

    • Identified

      Nothing can stop a thief if they are resourceful. Your car can be stolen from your garage even though the car is locked, the garage is locked and your security system is on.

      The Bike and ride gives one more level of security, and would (hopefully) be added to Police and metro staff to patrol the area more frequently.

  • > Bike parking in the facility is charged at a rate of 2 to 5 cents per hour

    Cents? Really? if that’s true, why would they even bother?

    Perhaps it’s dollars per hour?

    • More is More

      A dollar per hour is way to expensive. That would mean after a 8-9 hour working day, I’d have to pay $8-9 for parking a bike. The Metro garage is half of that for the entire day to park a car.

  • Bikr

    This is really great. Thankfully I don’t have a need for this but, at one point in my life, I kept a bike in a Metro bike locker and it was a god send. It allowed me to take metro and then bike the remaining 1.5 miles rather than walk, saving me a pretty good amount of time. As someone who locks his bike in a cage at his office, I can attest to the value of sheltered, mostly secure space for you bike. It makes commuting by bike that much more doable.

  • now if only I could safely ride from DC to CP… until then I’ll stick with metro.

  • alex

    similar bike and ride stations are ubiquitous in japan; even the smallest local train stations have one. if i remember correctly they cost about 180 yen (~1 – 2 dollars) for a day and each station had a dedicated attendent. it would be great if dc could adopt a similar program at all metro stations.

    • alex

      and you could leave your bike locked up overnight.


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