Listed District’s Phenomenal Finds Vol. 12 – “$100 and Under!”

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2012 at 1:30 pm 0

Ellen Richardson, a graphic designer and Pleasant Plains resident, recently took her Craigslist hunting skills to the next level with the launch of her blog, Listed District. Listed District offers daily DC Craigslist findings of everything from Mid-Century and Industrial furniture, to bikes and the utterly strange.  Every week Ellen is going to share a roundup of some Phenomenal Finds with PoPville.

“A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.”
-William Feather

Let’s face it – we mostly shop on Craigslist ’cause it’s cheap. Sure, I love to drool over the occasional wildly over-priced finds (and I have been known to pay a little too much for a few of mine…), but mostly, we just want to find a great deal! To me, a Craigslist find is considered a “good deal” when it happens to possess a magical combination of interconnected qualities.

First and foremost, the price! Second, location. And, lastly, how badly do I want it? What is it worth to me? I said that these qualities are connected: is the steel tanker desk priced at $400 worth the time and energy that it takes for me to venture out to the far reaches of the galaxy (and by the far reaches of the “galaxy” I DO mean the far reaches of “Virginia”)? Probably not. I once traipsed across the back woods of Maryland for an entire Saturday to purchase and pick up a ridiculously cheap set of eight GoodForm aluminum chairs. Was it worth it? Yes! …if only the guy had returned my call (womp womp). I imagine it works the same way for someone outside the District facing the proposition of spending a weekend creeping through DC alleys to pick up their own finds – it’s just gotta be worth it!

At under $100, today’s Listed District finds gets at least one of my personal criteria right. The other two are up to you – happy hunting!

All the finds after the jump.

$12 – Set of Four Card Suit Wooden Bowls
$30 – MCM Chrome Child’s Chair
$30 – MCM Chair (amazing, just needs some love)
$40 – Retro Drip Glaze Lamp
$45 – Late Victorian Cast Iron Desk Lamp
$49 – MCM Wire Chair (black)
$60 – Arthur Umanoff Chair
$80 – Atomic Side table (matches the below, but from separate sellers!)
$95 – Atomic Side Table
$100 – Imitation Eames Shell Rocker


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