Good Deal or Not? “well proportioned” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm 29 Comments

This house is located at 2619 13th St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Large, impressive rowhouse, freshly painted & carpeted, dynamite kitchen (Viking, Subzero, granite, breakfast bar), all rooms spacious & well proportioned, exceptional closet space throughout, Hrdwds on main, exposed brick, freshly remodeled 2BR in-law suite on LL w/ sep metering (great $ubsidy to mortgage) 2 car parking, short distance to CH Metro, 11th St, sold “as is.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

The reader asks:

“Can’t decide if this listing is the deal of the century or a money pit….. Thoughts?”

This 7 bed/4.5 bath is going for $869,900.

  • Anon

    It’s a good deal. Capital City RE is selling 2br/ba condos in this part of Columbia Heights in the $700s.

    • Anonymous

      Which makes a 7 bedroom place for 150K more than the going rate for a 2 bedroom very suspicious…..something is definitely up with this place. I would pass. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is kiddos.

  • j

    Built on a Native American gravesite? Portal to hell in the basement? Gotta be something, right?

    • Anonymous

      “They’re here….”

  • There’s got to be a toaster in the tree. “As is” must mean something.

    • Anonymous

      it’s “as-is” because it’s an estate sale. btw, all dc real estate is now sold “as-is” due to a recent change in the laws.

      • M

        It’s not a change in the law — it’s just a change in the standard form contract used by real estate agents in Dc/MD/VA. The standard form used to default to warranting that everything was in working order, but now its default is “as-is.” The buyer is still free to ask for an inspection contingency, repair clause, etc, in the contract. http://www.federaltitle.com/blog/changes-in-store-for-gcaar-regional-sales-contract

      • M

        It’s not actually a change in the law — just a change in the standard form contract used by real estate agents in the region. The form contract used to specify that the seller warranted that everything was in good condition. Now the default is “as-is” — but the buyer is still free to insert and inspection clause, require repairs, etc, if the seller agrees.

        • M

          sorry, double post!! that means my unique and insightful comment has double power, right?

  • Anonymous

    “as is” and “viking”/”subzero” rarely find their way into the same listing… very confusing, this one.

  • Anonymous

    Great deal. Sale is already pending. Will be interesting to see what it ends up settling for.

  • This would sell for $869,900 tomorrow. I assume they will get multiple offers, pushing the price well into the 900s.

  • anon

    The “as is” language always makes me nervous.

    Maybe this one is an exception, but every “as is” house we looked at while house hunting had some serious issues — some of which weren’t easy to spot right away.

  • Alex

    If I found the right house (the address lines up, but it lists a unit number and I have no idea if that’s normal for a row house), the 2013 assessed value is $553,000. I have a feeling there’s more than a couple things wrong with the house, though the interior is amazing and I don’t doubt you could rent it out at double the mortgage.


  • Flatsix

    Condos aren’t comps for this house, so they don’t tell you whether it’s a good deal or not.

    Some of the work on the house is low-end. Wall to wall carpeting in some rooms? Vinyl siding on the back?

    The price also reflects the 11th St discount. From the day this neighborhood was first developed, 11th St properties have always been cheaper than the ones to the west.

    • blazing sun

      The house is located on 13th Street.

      • Flatsix

        I should just shutup now. Already corrected my other mistake.., that obviously makes it a better deal then.

    • Flatsix

      My bad, the vinyl is on the adjacent house. It is painted white in back. I still think the price is appropriate. This house wouldn’t sell for much more.

    • JS

      Which makes no sense considering this house is on 13th.

    • Anonymous

      on 13th st, not 11th

      • Flatsix

        Thank you anonymous Internet user. And thank you JS. Had either of you actually finished reading, though, you would have seen that I acknowledged and corrected both of my errors before your posts. But good job.

        • JS

          Or you could look at the timestamp on my post (2:46), the timestamp on your correction (2:46), factor in the time it takes to load a page and type something, and spare me your indignation.

          But good job too.

          • Flatsix

            Thanks again for helping keep the Internet error free and civil, asshole.

          • JS

            You’re welcome!

  • sb

    This is a 2-4 unit condo conversion waiting to happen.

  • If I were the previous owner’s family, I’d be pissed! Way too low price.

    • anon

      The owner sets the price.

  • anonymouse

    i went to an estate sale there about a month ago. the 3rd floor’s ceiling has huge holes in it, where it looks like it collapsed/water damage. and those rooms were a mess. (they don’t show those rooms in the photos). maybe it needs a new roof?

  • PerPleXed

    That was my concern as well. For this house having 7 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, they only show the master bedroom (from about 5 angles no less) and what appears to be the in-law suite’s bathroom. There are 30 photos of maximum 4 and a half rooms in the house. These are screaming flashing warning lights……


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