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Good Deal or Not? “hand-dipped radiators” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm 28 Comments

This house is located at 1842 13th St NW:

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The listing says:

“Great Logan location just blocks to 14th & P, U St & Metro. Beautiful blend of elegant & vintage charm w/ modern amenities including fantastic hardwoods, hand-dipped radiators, woodburning f/p, Andersen windows, recessed lighting, custom window treatments. Wonderful outdoor spaces -custom Buckingham Slate & Georgetown Brick Patio in front & a wood deck & Pennsylvania Bluestone patio in back”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $809,000.

  • I haven’t looked at the pics yet, but the “hand-dipped” wording automatically makes me think of the radiators being dipped in chocolate.


  • classic_six

    What in heaven’s skies are hand-dipped radiators?

  • grant

    disconnected, removed, and then “dipped” as opposed to either the spray paint rehab or brushwork.

    • classic_six

      OK, thanks for defining that for me. I’m assuming that while I should appreciate all the heavy lifting, should I also assume that this is a better method than spray paint or actual brushstrokes?

      • ah

        It more effectively strips the old paint (and rust) off, allowing for a better new coat of paint than simply scraping off the old stuff where you can reach it.

        • classic_six

          Thank you. I know there is plenty of sarcasm and passion that sometimes rules these boards but I love it that people are so helpful and knowledgeable. Cool

        • faster too, but it costs about $500 per radiator to have them dipped. It took me two months to hand strip six radiators and paint them.

  • Meg

    I love that bathroom, but as a woman, I immediately think “where would I do my makeup. What a waste of a sink.”

  • Abe

    A few things not to my taste, but all fixable. Those light fixtures in the bathroom look like they were salvaged from the Titanic.

    This is a fantastic deal for the amount of space and the area. It will sell in a matter of days. Only glitch would be lack of parking…a deal breaker for many.

  • Anonymous

    Does any else find the price suspciously low? I mean, I’m not crazy about the layout or the finished myself, but it looks like a pretty decent house and the location is fantastic. I don’t think you could get a 4-bedroom for under a million around here.

    • classic_six

      I was wondering about that, too. It could be that they need to sell quickly. They could also potentially be hoping for a bidding war. If they sell it for the list price, it will be selling for a slight loss, as it appears that they paid more than the list price a few years ago. Hard to say why it’s priced at this level, even if not all spiffed up.

    • Elza


    • That kitchen seems small and not well appointed. Could that be part of the reason? Otherwise, it looks like a really nice house.

      • Anonymous

        The original kitchen was in the back room of this house. It was moved into the space where the original dining room was.

  • schweeney

    I owned that house from 1989 to 1997. We sold it for less than 200K. Sigh. I still have the sign from the Whitelaw Hotell across the street. When we moved in to our house there we trees growing out of the roof of that building. But what really pisses me off…. is that the adorable japanese maple that we planted and cared for has been removed from the front yard and replaced with (gac) tiles.

    • My condolences. I’d be pissed too.

    • schweeney

      and not to brag or anything (but I am) that oak floor on the first floor? Hand laid by my husband, me (with some rather withering morning sickness) and some very good friends. The place has good karma. I hope whoever ends up there enjoys it as much as we did.

    • Anon

      How cool to hear from previous owners! Gotta love PoP :)

  • ETD

    Speaking of hand-dipped radiators, Does anyone know where I can bring them to be stripped and repainted?

    • Abe

      @ETD Many moons ago I used a place off New York Avenue – it was in the industrial area on the east side of the Metro/Amtrak tracks just past the Florida Ave intersection. Sorry I don’t have the number handy. I think it was called “Stripping Workshop”.

      • Annonny

        Stripping Workshop is the only place I know of in DC to get this kind of work done. Call them and they’ll send out a crew to pick them up and drop them off when complete. I don’t recommend going to the actual shop – it looks like something out of a horror movie where people get killed in big vats of chemicals. And it doesn’t smell all that pretty, either.

  • Annonny

    This house is beautiful, although I would prefer a real front yard instead of a patio. And I’ve always dreamed of having a Japanese maple in my yard – I feel your pain schweeney – don’t the owners know how expensive and delicate those trees are?!?! The master bath is kind of weird, especially the gilded age mermaid fixtures.

    Anyway, I think this is an incredible deal for the price. I bet it goes for more.

  • dupchel

    omg — i know that house! or at least i think i do. very cool, lots of character. are bidding wars really back in dc?

  • Neighbor

    I believe they tried to sell it for 950K a couple of years ago and then rented it when it didn’t sell. It will clearly go for more than $809, probably a little over 900K. Although I hate the tiled front yard their backyard is quite lovely. (Hi Schweeny! Some of us are still here!)

    Open house is Sunday and I plan to go just to see that bathroom again!

  • Eric44

    Went to an engagement party in this house back in 2005. Great house with good energy.

  • Jess Knight

    I’d sell my grandma for this outdoor space.

    • Grandma

      I would sell my grandson for this house!

  • Chris Yanchulis

    Love the patio in the back yard…I can imagine myself enjoying an afternoon party with my friends. I’ve been looking for a place in DC for a while, this is the best outdoor space I have seen so far!!!


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