Good Deal or Not?

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm 26 Comments

This house is located at 1925 Park Rd, NW:

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The listing says:

“Sitting pretty overlooking the street, lovingly restored and updated 4/2, w/ wood and inlay floors, pocket doors, 2 gas fireplaces, updated kitchen and hall bath..Sweet screened porch or glazed room to view rear garden. Lighted walkway to detached garage. Full in-law suite, or use as extended living area (au pair?). Lots of extras and excep finishes everywhere”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $799,000.

  • Nice time capsule. Seriously, this is a really nice house and so well preserved, but most people want a more updated interior. Will take some serious $ to open this place up a bit and brighten the interior. Also, the unpainted woodwork is so nice but it is so dark! I don’t know the prices in that neighborhood to judge gdon.

    • PJYinCapRiverFront

      I don’t really think it would take “serious $” to open this place up and brigthen it. Its all relative, right? If you’re spending 750k+ on a house, than the paint for the wood work, painting the walls, is cheap. Being honest, even knocking down a wall is not that expensive assuming it isn’t load bearing (and most in these row houses aren’t, but there are fixes in either case). For the all painting, new light fixtures, removing the kitchen wall (assuming you find another spot for cabinets), you’re probably looking at less than 10-15,000, and that is including labor. For AC, that will be more expensive, of course.

      At this end of the home market, we’re not talking about a ton of renovations. If you’re serious about buying an older row-house that is not absolutely, perfect, you can usually tour it with a designer and a contractor before making an offer and build the cost of these improvements into the offer, given your budget. Just because a lot of people want to pay top dollar for move-in ready homes doesn’t mean everyone has to.

  • classic_six

    The basement level looks nicer than the upper levels, more cozy to me.

  • JenDC

    Camera. Focus.

  • looks like the electrical isn’t updated either. I wouldn’t pay $800K for that. Who knows what’s behind the walls.

  • Chris

    It’s cheap for a stand-alone house in Mt. Pleasant with an in-law suite. Most houses for for 900K and up in this neighborhood. I’m surprised it’s not under contract already.

  • dcd

    No AC, and it looks like it’d be tough to put it in. Probably an OK price, btu not great.

  • Based on people’s comments, I was expecting something pretty awful-looking, so I was favorably surprised.

    It looks to me like the photos aren’t very good (although maybe the house lighting needs work too). I suspect the main-floor rooms rooms would look a lot better painted in light neutral colors and with a decent photographer… maybe it was one of those things where there was too much light for the autoflash to go off, but not enough for photo purposes.

    This is around $75K more than a similarly appointed (and sans-A/C) Mount Pleasant rowhouse I saw in the fall of 2010, but I get the feeling that it’s within the ballpark for a Mount Pleasant rowhouse in that condition.

    • classic_six


      I didn’t think the comments were all that negative, maybe more neutral and not gushing.

      • The “nice time capsule,” comments about it needing to be brightened up (I was expecting super-dark paint colors), and the comment about the electrical work not being updated.

        I’ll have to look through the photos again, but I didn’t see any signs of the electrical work being old (like outlets accepting only 2-prong plugs rather than 3-prong ones).

        • classic_six

          Oh, I see. Thanks for your explanation.

        • It’s funny, I meant “nice time capsule” as a compliment, not a criticism. My comments were more about what most people are looking for in a house, not a criticism of this house. Thus the “this is a really nice house and so well preserved” comment.

  • I’m in love! I would swap out paint colors and light fixtures, and maybe consider a cosmetic overhaul of the kitchen (like paint for those cabinets), but this looks incredible!

    That said, I don’t have a very good sense of whether it is a good deal or not. If I had $0.8M to spend on a house, I’d buy this in a heartbeat!


    pretty solid looking to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’d trade my house in a second! I love the old interiors. Can’t stand the blown out no walls stuff.

  • Anonymous

    The owner had the basement unit up for rent around this time last year. I applied for it, but didn’t get it. I guess I’m glad I didn’t or I’d be out of a living situation…

  • PJYinCapRiverFront

    As with any old house, get inspections done and get estimates on issues like HVAC installation before you settle.

    But this house is move-in ready now, and won’t take that much money to make it someone’s dream home. Maybe a wall needs to go, maybe some bathroom upgrades. But two coats of paint would improve it more than a lot of people would realize, and everything else is already functional. You can’t always make the perfect the enemy of the good, especially considering that a place that one would pay “move-in ready” dollar for today won’t fetch “move-in ready” dollar on re-sale in 7-10 years. Its hard to find single family homes of this size in locations like this for this price, so I say… good deal (pending inspection) with the possibility that putting in 30-50,000 for upgrades would make it an exceptional deal within a few years.

  • Anonymous

    wow the basement looks really cool. look at all those books, he/she must be really well read, and a Ravens fan taboot. if the tenant comes with the house, then good deal!

  • Please don’t ruin this with an open floor plan. It could be lightened up by painting the wood white. It’s already a south-facing house, so it gets a lot of light. I think this price is about right for a house that size in Mt. P. It’s one of the wider and deeper rowhouses.

  • Anon3

    Price is right. I LOVE the tree in the background! How cool is that!? In terms of decor: the railing on the staircase would bug me but I’d get over the pretty quickly with two fireplaces.

  • I think y’all are crazy. This house is totally beautiful and I’m appalled that people want to paint over the woodwork. Please don’t! I could definitely see wanting to paint the pink room and getting A/C, but I love the flow of the house. I wish I could buy it!

  • Rich

    The woodwork and other period features are beautiful. The listings says it has A/C and the kitchen looks new enough that I’d imagine most of the wiring has been updated. It’s a townhouse alright. the only real drawback is being such a hike from the sidewalk and being in an area where parking (for guests, contractors) can be tight esp. when the zoo is at its peak.

  • Anonymous

    I lived down the street years ago, and that’s in a very nice location.

  • aparnatheone

    looks like a great deal and a nice house. I agree lighter paint colors would open up the rooms. It would be a pity to take out walls or paint the woodwork in my opinion. Inlaw suite is very nice. I wish we had a basement (in Shaw rowhouse)

  • DCJenn

    This is actually a nice house (went to open); I think what’s kept it on the market is that there’s only one bathroom in the main house. But put that in ($20,000? $10,000?) and you have a great place with the original details we love Mt. P for…


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