• classic_six

    Is this really true? You may be denied a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) depending upon where you live!? That is crazy-sounding. You pay for everything (registration, etc.) but you won’t get the sticker that allows you to park on the street for more than 2 hours. You are a DC resident, you pay taxes and you are still denied a parking permit? I don’t see how this can be done. Don’t get me wrong – it sounds almost like a blessing if you live in an area where on-street parking is a hassle (thinking: Georgetown, Dupont, etc.) and with all the construction happening all over the city, I wonder where all the “new” residents will be parking their cars, but I still don’t see how the city can deny you a parking permit.

    • Well, I wouldn’t phrase it that way but, basically yes. Not every single block in the city is zoned for RPP (for various reasons, I imagine). If you live on a non-RPP block then you are not eligible for a RPP sticker. There is a process by which you can get a non-RPP block zoned for RPP, although I understand a lot of new buildings have been built with the agreement that the blocks will not be zoned for RPP.

      • classic_six

        Pardon my ignorance and my surprise. I can’t believe I’m about to argue for the people who want a parking permit (considering how hideous street parking can be in already-overcrowded areas) but if you are a DC resident and pay your DC taxes, on what basis can you be denied, other than the gambling city playing roulette with street parking permits? You are not getting your share of city services/benefits that your tax dollars should be providing, wouldn’t that be right?


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