Good Deal or Not? “This is a Crocus bulb, planted last Fall, emerging from the earth” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm 39 Comments

This home is located at 1513 Gales St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Rainbow Properties Metamorphic Labor of Love. This is a Crocus bulb, planted last Fall, emerging from the earth…Oh Yeah, it is Spring! A garden feast of light-seeking design, built with natural materials and state-of-the-art systems. Very little cultivation and maintenance in this forest of development reaps abundant investment harvest. A REDWOOD HOUSE AT A BLADE OF GRASS PRICE!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $474,500.

  • ich

    hilarious description.

  • houseintherear

    what the effing eff. i am going to punch that realtor in the face.

    • Anonymous


    • F-ing hippies! Looks nice, wow, stumble to Argonaut?

  • classic_six

    Fire the agent.

  • bfinpetworth

    I bought a Rainbow Properties house a couple of years ago. They do a nice job generally, with quality work throughout. Seems like they employ many of the same materials and the same palet inside and out. Exact same fencing design and rear overhead door setup. We love our Petworth house, in many ways because of the features Rainbow included in the renovation, like really nice showers, nice classy tiling in kitchen and baths, and classic cabinetry and molding.

    I have had some issues, however, with water seeping in under the back door due to our deck being built right up to the lower edge of the threshold, causing the hardwood flooring to warp slightly right around the door. It is a big enough problem that I am considering ripping out the entire deck and lowering it a few inches.

    I mention the water issue because the photo of the upper deck looks like it has the same problem at the threshold.

    • another Rainbow house

      We also have a RP house. We just replaced one door and added storm doors to 2 other entrances in the rear of our house as moisture was seeping in. We were told by a contractor that it was most likely due to poor quality of the doors and poor installation. All the doors had mold/mildew visible in the corners.

      • bfinpetworth

        Hmm, maybe we could find enough folks for a class action lawsuit! They do flip a lot of houses!

        • classic_six

          Perhaps you could hire “Atty” K. Wegel – j/k.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know where that agent thinks you can get a blade of grass for $474,500. Not in this neighborhood!

  • I don’t know enough to weigh in on the price point in this neighborhood – but just in terms of the interior it looks like a nice flip. I love all the skylights. Nice bathrooms. Kitchen is a bit small, but then again the sq footage and layout may not lend itself to a bigger kitchen.

  • Identified

    Wow, I looked at this house when it was up for sale in the past 6 months. It sold Jan 31st and is now up for sale again as of Mar 21st… that is one quick flip.

    • Anonymous

      I live around the block from this house. They flipped it in less than a month and a half. I would make sure to get a good inspector.

      • keren

        My husband and I were just saying the same exact thing. We live a few houses down the street. It was gutted and flipped in a month. From what we can see the house looks amazing but I’d be worried it was done a little to cheaply.

  • ew

    This house is 2 houses down from me. I was admiring it, and if I had money I’d buy it as an investment. However, I think for the neighborhood its a bit overpriced. Still probably a great investment, in 5 years the neighborhood will be awesome. I tried to peek inside a few times after it was finished up. They finished the interior awfully quickly, though, so I’m not sure the quality of the finishes.

  • MPC

    I want to hire this listing agent to narrate my life.

    • +1
      What this realtor and J. Peterman could do if they teamed up.

  • Anonymous

    Really cute house and I LOVE all of the skylights.

  • I think the house is sweet and well laid out, but probably a little overpriced for the area. Is it new construction? It seems odd to me that an end unit would not have windows along the side wall. I wonder if they covered it up in the reno, which takes away a huge benefit of having an end unit.

  • The description is ridiculous but the house looks cute — nice flip job.

    I like that the non-master full bath is tiled with simple, subway-type tile, and wish that the master bathroom had been done with unpatterned tile as well. (Mercifully, its tile is fairly un-busy.)

    The kitchen looks good, although I sort of wonder whether there’s really enough clearance for the bar seating depicted… that ledge looks somewhat narrow.

    I question the need for the two-story deck, especially as it faces south and thus means the kitchen won’t get as much light. While the back yard looks very attractive, I also question the decision to put in that patch of grass… I’d imagine it would be a hassle to maintain.

    I don’t like skylights, so that would be a drawback for me personally, but I know many people like them.

    • Anonymous

      why don’t you like skylights?

      • It’s difficult for me to sleep (be it sleeping late on a weekend, taking a nap, etc.) with any light whatsoever in the room.

        Actually, depending on how much ambient light there is outside, a skylight might make it difficult for me to sleep even at night!

  • Anonymous

    damn, this place looks great.
    i know many don’t like the area, but i think it’s a great location. close to h. close to a park. close to the river. close to the streetcar. in flipping quickly through the photos, i like most everything about the place.

    but jesus i’d fire the listing agent.
    and is it worth 475? no idea. seems high to me, but i’m not in the market.

  • Anonymous

    Based on real estate listings, this seems like it’s in the very, very upper ballpark of what this neighborhood is valued at. I do agree that in 10 years it will be a hot spot, and even now people are snapping up these houses, but at $40-100K higher than any other house on the street? Not sure that’s a good deal.

    • anonymous x2

      It’s not going to take 10 years. I live in this neighborhood and the change in the last two years alone has been nothing short of astounding. Anyone who doubts this should take a look around– Flats at Atlas, one of the largest developments in the city, just opened on the Starburst intersection; the Rosedale Recreation Center (17th & Gales) is a gorgeous structure that will be completed by fall; and there is a mammoth condo development slated for 14th & Maryland.

      People are literally flooding into the eastern part of H Street, in a way that’s difficult to describe to somebody who doesn’t live in the neighborhood.

  • Homeowner

    This MIGHT be slightly over priced, but not by much. It will probably sell for around $460k. Keep in mind what properties within half a block have been going for. Here are just a few:





    • Anonymous

      those are not comprable comparisons. gales and G are like night and day.

      • Homeowner

        Clearly you only looked at one of the comps I included. Two of the comps are on 16th st NE. And going by your logic, Gales and 16th st are like night and day, which means this home should go for much more than those two.

        I have owned a home on this block for 4 years, so I am intimately aware of the comps in this immediate area.

        • Anonymous

          the quality, size and age of the G st homes differ from Gales – you have to admit. all I am saying is the house is overpriced, particularly if you compare to G.

          • SF

            Everything you say about the house on G might be accurate– but as I stated elsewhere, it cost $115,000 MORE than asking on this house. Are you saying that’s not enough to account for these differences? I wholeheartedly disagree.

      • SF

        What are you talking about, not comparable?

        There is only one house in these comps on G Street, and it went for $115K more than the asking on this house. The other three comps are further away from Capitol Hill & H Street (one further down gales, two around the corner from 16th and Gales). They are all relevant comps.

        Gales on this stretch is better than G between 14th & 15th, IMO, because those houses on G face the Checkers.

    • KS

      Those properties average out to $332.5/square foot, while this one is $371/square foot. Using those properties as a benchmark, this one is overpriced by about $50k.

  • SF

    Based on the comps, this is accurately priced– as others have pointed out, several houses in a one block radius sold during the winter in this range, and houses can sell for more in the spring. Those of you calling overpriced are either not familiar with the rapidly accelerating market in Rosedale, or are the normal GDoN naysayers that are in general denial about DC home prices. I noticed this one for sale over the weekend and it has a lot of curb appeal. There aren’t many wood framed 1870s houses west of the river, and this is a unique block in that regard.

    If this is overpriced, it isn’t by much. But I agree with the other commenters that the agent should be canned for that clown description.

  • ew

    My house is in the second photo. What a weird out of place building mine is.

  • Homeowner

    It’s under contract. In 6 days. Looks like I was right.

    • anonymous x2

      That was fast~! Pending sale in under a week, I’d guess it went for asking.

    • Anonymous

      congrats! i do wonder how the neighborhood will be in a couple years!

  • Homeowner

    Add this one to the list of properties within a half block of this house that have sold in under a week:



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