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Good Deal or Not? “EXCELLENT FLOW” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm 36 Comments

This house is located at 4228 Butterworth Pl, NW:

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The listing says:


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $795,000.

  • Anon3

    It looks just like a house that would be on a place called Butterworth Place! I wouldn’t buy it (even if I could) but I like it. It looks like I would expect and costs what I would expect.

  • anonymous

    As an AU grad, I honestly have never understood how Tenleytown prices got the way they are. That area of Wisconsin is borderline ghetto, especially when comparing it comparable houses in Friendship Heights and especially Bethesda. Doesn’t make any sense.

    • Grand Funk

      Borderline ghetto? where did you grow up? Switzerland?

      • parkviewj


      • HA!

        What’s also funny is that the “ghetto” comment probably stems from the fact that there are a lot of kids from Wilson that congregate around Tenley and the Metro. Yet in comments below, it’s the Wilson school boundaries that add worth to the part of NW.

      • anonymous

        Do you not know what the word “compared” means? That stretch of Wisconsin is borderline ghetto COMPARED to the rest of the street, especially Friendship Heights and Bethesda. Yes, you’re correct, COMPARED to whatever junky street you live on I’m sure it’s quite nice. Learn to read before commenting, please.

        • Anonymous

          Bwah ha ha. Sounds like some nieve AU brainiac needs a school trip to PG County or SE DC.

          • anon

            Ha! +1

        • Haha, I made that mistake once. I commented that one block in Capitol Hill was a little sketchy compared to some of the others nearby, and I got the nastiest comments in reply! You’re right– it’s all relative. Don’t get too worked up about it.

    • Anonymous

      hah! what a silly comment.

    • Anon3

      LOL!! Anonymous 1:15, you do realize that this blog is not related to an actual monarchy despite the name, and that many of us live in ‘the ghetto’? ;)

    • thank you for making me snort green tea out of my nose, “AU grad”.

    • maestrobe

      AU Grad: “That area of Wisconsin is borderline ghetto, especially when comparing it comparable houses in Friendship Heights and especially Bethesda.”

      AU Grad defends: “Do you not know what the word “compared” means? That stretch of Wisconsin is borderline ghetto COMPARED to the rest of the street, especially Friendship Heights and Bethesda.”

      I retort: Adding an “especially when compared” to the end of a declarative statement does not convert your original statement into a comparison. It conveys that you believe your original statement to be especially true relative to the comparisons you cite.

      • Agreed.

        The idea of ANY stretch of Wisconsin Avenue being “borderline ghetto” is pretty hilarious.

        Oh, and whoever was calling the original commenter “nieve” needs to learn how to spell “naive.”

  • new

    This seems like a really good deal to me especially given the proximity to the metro. My guess is that they are angling for multiple offers.

  • anon


    as an AU grad, you don’t understand the high value this address has for school boundary preference for Janney-Deal-Wilson, which some DC families consider better academically than some of the surrounding options.

  • Anonymous

    Janney Elementary, Deal Middle School, Wilson High School in-boundary, under $800K? ‘Nuff said, it’s probably already under contract.

  • Grand Funk

    Nice home, decent space, and very close to the metro. I think it is a deal (if I had $800k to blow!)

  • monkeyrotica

    “Excellent flow” is standard real estate jargon for “smells vaguely like diarrhea.”

  • Anonymous

    Fine price, I guess? But that white kitchen. Oh my.

  • M

    Yeah, a SFH for that price 2 blocks to the metro, in those school districts is a fantastic deal! Will get snapped up unless there is something really wrong with it. My only hesitation is rent-back — I think that sucks. Why not just delay the closing?

  • M

    And wow, if you check it out on google maps, there’s an adorable little park right across the street. Maybe I’ll put in an offer myself …

  • It is a great deal. Will go for well above asking.
    Rent-back will allow time for kitchen remodel design to be done.

  • Anon

    That is a massive lot for AU Park so there’s room for expansion, which is a nice bonus. The location is killer. My only thought is that cape cods can be kind of a weird layout and this house is on the smaller side for $795k. Still, I bet it goes above asking just because of the location and lot size.

  • Oh my, that house is adorable! Almost makes me wish I had kids of my own so I could watch them play in the white-picket fenced yard.

  • Anonymous

    What place does the word “supra” have in the listing? Am I missing something?

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      “Supra” is a type of programmable lock box that holds the key to the house. This particular lock is programmed to only release the key Mon-Fri between 11am and 4pm. Not like you’re going to read this post at this point, but whatever…

  • Looks like a great place to raise a family– when do you ever see a house in DC with a dedicated laundry room? The commute would be hellish for me personally, but it would be great for someone who works on the Red Line. I actually like the bright white kitchen a lot!

  • I really like this house. If only I had $795 and the liquidity to put in a $30K escalation.

  • I wish I had the money…. That house in that location is a great deal.

  • Anonymous

    looks like they got a three for one with the awful tile in the kitchen

  • t for tenley

    Huge open house traffic. Owners haven’t found upgrade house and can’t swing 2 big mortgages, hence sell first and rentback as they keep looking. Pros: 4 BR (all modest though), screened porch, great location school and commute-wise, finished basement, room for expansion. Cons: sideyard w/ no privacy (but huge), needs kitchen overhaul/expansion, 2 BR upstairs share old, smallish bathroom. A rare modest, adorable house amid grander brick colonials. I’d take it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty good to me. No parking, though. Probably gonna go for asking + $25K.

  • anon5

    I doubt it’ll go for that much. At least one basement bedroom, really the 2 “upstairs” bedrooms are attic rooms with low ceilings. Location’s good, house looks small.

    • t for tenley

      8 bidders, about $80k over list, i’m told. It’s crazy competitive for the few good houses in nice, Metro neighborhoods–look at this one and the following GDON on Calvert that drew 13 offers.

  • Asti

    It looks like the house is off the market, but not sold…do we know what happened ?


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