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Good Deal or Not? “Above the standard renovation” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm 28 Comments

This home is located at 2010 C St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Greatly Affordable & Adorable! Above the standard renovation for under $400k. 4 BRs, 2BA, Open Living Area saturated by natural light. Center isle in kit, granite tops, SS appl, birch cabinets, recessed lights, hrwd flrs, ceramic tiled BA, energy efficient windows & doors, parking for 2+ cars, front porch, rear deck & patio..WHEW…Walk to Stadium Armory subway & bike to Lincoln Prk & Eastern Mkt”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $399,000.

  • mj

    Oh, how I’ve always dreamed of having a steel deck!

    Screw that. You couldn’t pay me to live in that part of town and in such an awful reno.

    • K

      “You couldn’t pay me to live in that part of town”


    • _

      It looks nice but I wouldn’t want to be barefoot on that thing in the summer…

  • Call me a hater (I am a hater), but I don’t think this looks above the standard renovation at all. In fact, it looks almost exactly like most of the renovations around the area.

    Also, too many red doors.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Looks pretty standard to me, too.

    • jcm

      I was going to say the same. I own a house that is the standard renovation (including the red door!), and all of that looks very familiar to me. In fact, the finishes and appliances in my house might be a little nicer.

      Why do realtors lie like that? Those of us buying at the bottom of the market aren’t all too dumb to recognize what’s in front of our eyes.

      • Anonymous

        Do any homebuyers actually read the agent’s description anyway? Aside from the hard facts it’s all subjective, so why bother?

  • EvilStevie

    Good deal. Just a few blocks from the Stadium Armory Metro, and a good use of the space (especially the coat closet at the foot of the stairs). Wish they had put in some more kitchen cabinets above the basement door. Back deck is also an efficient use of space – room for a grill/patio set AND covered parking. Needs a back gate for security though.

  • frickorfrack

    mj – you are woefully ignorant on this area. Kingman Park is great – it has community*Kingman Park Neighborhood Association, it has parkland *Kingman Island Nature preserve, it has easy access to the Blue/Orange line *Stadium Armory, and most of all it is affordable. You can get a whole lot of house for $400’s. (many with rentable English basements)….plus it is only 2 miles to the Capitol building.

    • mj

      I know the area, I have a friend who lives around there, and I’ve been to the nature preserve, and you couldn’t pay me to live there. You like it there? You live there.

      • Anonymous

        i’d be interested to know where mj lives and how it compares to kingman park. sure — there are some neighborhoods in dc that are arguably safer, wealthier, and more convenient than others, but we can’t all afford to live in georgetown and some of us, in turn, find warm and inviting neighbors in lesser known areas of the city. when you make comments like this, mj, you insult some people who read this blog. kingman park is a longstanding community in washington, dc with caring residents, a history of activism, and some very solid old row houses.

  • Tiny place, but kinda sweet. The kitchen layout is awkward with a very small sink right by the back door. Also, I totally agree about the steel deck. Who thought that was a good idea? And of course, not a fan of open floor plans.

  • M st. NE

    I like the comment, “plus, it is only 2 miles from the Capitol building.” Do you know how far 2 miles is in this town? A lot can change in the span of “only 2 miles”

    • frickorfrack

      ummmm? two miles would be about?, I guess? — 2 miles! Or on the metro two stops between Stadium Armory and Capitol South…2 miles of no traffic down C. Street or East Capitol; 2 miles of pleasant walking through Lincoln Park and Eastern Market;

      Each his own I guess…just don’t cast your hate so wide. It would make you seem a jerk to your friends when you visit them in their neighborhood

    • SF

      “A lot can change in the span of ‘only 2 miles’.”

      True, but I think the point is that everything in this neighborhood is actually very close in (this house is closer to the capitol building than Columbia Heights is to Dupont frickin’ Circle), and in coming years people will shake their heads in wonder that anybody used to think areas like this were in any way undesirable.

      And I’d definitely take this over anywhere in the suburbs.

      This is a very good neighborhood for forward thinking people who are looking for a good investment, and this house is priced appropriately for that. If you’re looking for a turnkey neighborhood and don’t mind dropping $1500/mo for rent or $3000/mo for a mortgage, by all means choose a different area.

      • jcm

        A) It is not, in fact, closer to the capitol building than CH is to Dupont.
        b) Why is “close to the capitol building” a selling point, anyway? The wife and I don’t do a ton of legislating in our time off.

        • SF

          Oh sure, nobody wants to live near the capitol building (thousands of people work there, but nobody wants to walk or bike to work), and I forgot that there are no associated amenities in Capitol Hill that are much closer to this house that would be on the way to and from work. Oh wait! H Street, Barracks Row, Eastern Market, Lincoln Park… only some of the best areas of the city.

          According to google maps, it’s 1.7 mi from this house to the capitol building, and 1.8 miles from CH Metro to the Dupont Circle fountain.

          Look, my point is not that Kingman Park is better than CH (or any other area of town), and each neighborhood has different things to recommend it. I’m only saying this neighborhood is good, getting better, and closer in than many people realize. Not to mention, good luck finding a renovated home for this price anywhere closer in to downtown or this close to a metro station.

        • Anonymous

          It’s a good reference point. I know that my house is 0.8 miles from the Capitol, so it would take me about 20 minutes to walk to the eastern edge of the National Mall, or 15 minutes to my workplace which is nearby, or 30 minutes to Penn Quarter. I mean, I guess I would know these things anyway just be knowing what street and cross street it’s on, but it might be helpful for some people.

  • what a deal

    oh my gosh!! it is what might be the new redskins training facility. way undervalued!!!

  • Landuse

    Decent deal… assuming that’s not a maximum security prison behind it and/or the basement doesn’t like to flood.

  • Why would they put that nice new wooden fence in and not close it off with a gate or garage door? Cost?

  • Anonymous

    The steeldeck is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen attached to the outside of a house. It would make me suspect the quality of the rest of the renovation, and I’d inspect carefully. Other than that, it does appear (from the photos) to be a good but not amazing renovation with a relatively efficient use of space. The neighborhood has plusses and minuses, but it has been improving. I’d say that this is an ok deal – you can definitely find a a cheaper deal (or a similar price in an arguably “better” neighborhood), but you’ll probably have to look a bit. If you needed to buy quickly at this price point, then this wouldn’t be a bad choice.

    • Anonymous

      i agree that steel decks aren’t pretty, but i’ve also heard they’re more solid (and more expensive) than wooden ones. not sure if there’s any truth to that…but it might actually last longer.

      • Anonymous

        No fear of splinters in when you step out there barefoot!

  • sharon

    I live two blocks from there (further away from Capitol Building). I love it, very pleasant people. Sure, bordering Lincoln Park might be nicer, but this way I can live above ground!

  • I live in the neighborhood and really enjoy it. We have a fantastic ANC chair. Location of house is decent. Definitely less than 10 minute walk to Stadium Armory metro. I bike to work in downtown DC and takes 20 minutes, 4 miles. Really excited to see what they do with the RFK North parking lot. Talk of youth soccer/baseball fields and now there’s scuttlebutt about Redskins Training Park.

  • The only good thing about a steel deck is the no maintenance factor. After you’ve had a few years of stripping and re-staining a hardwood deck you’ll be happy for it. I would have preferred a Trex engineered plastic deck but I guess they put in what they could afford. It’s kinda ugly though.

  • cr

    I’m surprised that no one commented on that view… Who wants to look at a parking lot out your back door?? I agree with most comments that this looks like a standard renovation. The kitchen layout is very awkward with the island… What are you supposed to do with the rest of the space. Doesn’t really look sufficient for a 4-seat table? I purchased a home in Brightwood Park not too long ago and it was siginificantly less money and much nicer curb appeal.


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