Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

Dear PoPville,

My husband was driving into the District on February 03, 2012 and came in off 395 where it turns into 14th Street. At the string of lights on 14th Street near the Holocaust Museum, a cop was directing cars through the lights in order to accomodate a motorcade. The red light camera was going off repeatedly, but given the traffic circumstances and the police activity, there was really nothing for him to do except proceed through the light. And now, about 8 weeks later, we have the $300 ticket to prove it. I know others have written in inquiring about how to argue against invalid parking tickets.

My question is similar, but I want to know: is there any way to request a list of dates and times when motorcades were stalling or interrupting traffic, or is there a list of dates and times when cops have intercepted regular driving/traffic patterns for other city accommodations? Any suggestions on how to argue this would also be helpful!


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