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Speaking of Taxis – Occupy Protesters Really Hate Them (or the occupant of course)

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2012 at 2:39 pm 20 Comments

A reader writes:

“Just witnessed a group of protesters surrounding a taxi cab on 16th and K St, NW. They encircled the cab right in the middle of the busy intersection, blocking traffic for several minutes. It took 5 minutes for the cops break it up with a little bit of force. Not sure who the protesters were but one guy had a sign that said “indict US politicians” among other things. Quite an interesting sight to watch.”

  • jch

    Should ship the protesters to Virginia like we do with our rats.

  • caballero

    “The bums will always lose.”

    • ha ha

      I am a lawyer and was on a call once and i said, “am I wrong?” Another lawyer on the call said “no Walter, you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole.” A risky remark on his part, much appreciated on mine.

  • j

    Hippies never win.

  • anon

    So they’re preventing a 99 percenter from doing his job. Kind of like the douchebags in Portland who tried to shut down the docks, which affects union workers.

  • This group of people should be thankful that DC lets them protest peacefully here still and has not shut them down like other cities. They should spend more time worrying about their rat problem than trying to stop an innocent cab.

  • rd

    what can we do to get this garbage out of our city? i know protests come with living here, but it’s past time for these guys to go. there have to be some creative ways.

  • Anonymous

    they were yelling at the passenger, not the driver.

    • svi

      whew, that makes me feel so much better

  • Anon

    Picture out of context + Ignorant posters = fire up the internet lynch mob!

    • Tom

      What could possibly be out of context about that picture?

      • TG

        Exactly correct. The only context I can think of is the cabbie hitting a pedestrian and trying to flee the scene. Other than that, pure bully politics, a new theme of expression in this country, apparently.

      • Anonymous

        you kidding? my first thought was that the passenger was somebody they specifically have a problem with. wouldn’t be that crazy to recognize somebody that close to all the gov’t agencies.

        • Idaho Ave

          The passenger was Mayor Quan from Oakland. She allowed the Oakland PD to use EXTREME force to stop a peaceful march a few months back. The protesters never got destructive or violent until the police started using batons and tear gas. They shot a veteran from 10′ away with a tear gas cannister than fractured is skull and left him unable to speak. They ruptured a spleen of another US vet. Mayor quan said they did nothing wrong and that there was NO excessive force at all. She deserves all the public shame she can get….here is a video (If PoP approves it) of the specific incident that sparked the larger port blockades (that did work to shut down over 10 ports from anchorage to houston on november 14th)


          Keep in mind she claims police did NOTHING wrong this night.

  • dan

    Sometimes when cabs make turns across the bike lane without using a signal, nearly killing me, I dream that an angry mob magically appears and surrounds him.

    • +1. I’m going to pretend that’s what happened here :)

  • Bitter Elitist

    Is there something I’m missing? Why did they do this?

  • I’ve been reading about the French Revolution lately. Let’s just be glad that our mobs don’t have pikes and guillotines.

    • Thankfully they do have pants! Or am i translating the “sans culottes” incorrectly?


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