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Questioning Commuting Behavior Vol. 27 – Pedestrians

Dear PoPville,

I was on my drive this morning and saw a traffic lane on Rhode Island Ave NW right in front of the HRC building being used as a sidewalk by some really insane pedestrians. The closure of the sidewalk is very clearly marked, and people can use a crosswalk to get to the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Being that the sidewalk is closed for only half a block, walking in the street seems completely lazy and incredibly dangerous on the pedestrian’s part. Cars turning onto Rhode Island from 17th street can’t see if pedestrians are in their lane of traffic, especially if it’s raining or at night, and it seems only a matter of time until someone is hurt. Not to mention this creates traffic problems when cars have to get out of the lane for wayward pedestrians. Not sure if others have seen this or think it’s as crazy as I do but I had to pass it along.

Ed. Note: See Vol. 26 for an experience questioning cars.

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