Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

“Dear PoPville,

My grandfather is a WWII veteran currently living in Florida with my grandmother. He receives a small pension from the VA as well as social security and some small distributions from his IRA’s. They own their home with no mortgage and recently my grandfather was admitted to a full time rehab facility because he now requires daily assistance to perform basic personal tasks. After some research it appears he may be qualified for the VA’s Aid and Assistance benefits. I have looked at both the VA website and spoken to numerous VA assistance professionals and keep getting conflicting info on whether their income/net worth exceeds the limits to get this benefit.

We have also received conflicting info on how to go about getting the benefits to help defray just some of the excessive costs of keeping him in the rehab facility now that Medicare refuses to pay for the expense. Is there anyone out there among your readers who may have had experience with the VA Aid and Assistance application process or who was successful in navigating these waters? We hope to get some real world info on how to actually determine whether my grandparents qualify and whether applying for these benefits will be a huge waste of our time? It is very frustrating for my family to face these hurdles.

Thanks for your time and hopefully someone out there can get my family the info we need to help my grandfather.”


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