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Dear PoPville – Where to Park my Car and Where to get a Computer Fixed?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoPville,

What do you do with street parking when you have to travel for work and can’t move the car for street sweeping? I have sometimes forgot to move my car and got a ticket and once I had it towed to a different street and had to call the number to find where they moved it too. Luckily I haven’t had it towed to the lot which I hear can be expensive!

As an unemployed gal, seeking new opportunities, I could possibly travel more and for a week or two at a time. What am I to do with my car? I live in Logan Circle. So do I risk of just hopefully getting a ticket or two, towed, or worse sent to the lot. Or just pay a garage for the duration (which I don’t want). I doubt any company would pay, in the non-profit world, for me to keep it at the airport for that long. Just thought I’d see if your readers had any insight to this. I’m at a loss. I have even tried to ask the city and police for some type of temporary permit and came up empty handed. I can’t be the only one faced with this and I really don’t want to move!”


Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

“Dear PoPville,

Help! My computer just died. Could you ask your readers if anybody has recommendations for a good computer repair shop? Thanks in advance!”

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