Another Reader’s Experience Serving on Grand Jury Duty

by Prince Of Petworth October 27, 2011 at 1:30 pm 38 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

“Dear PoPville,

5 weeks of grand jury duty. My question is for those out here who have served on it, what was their experience? In the first two weeks I honestly felt like a prisoner. Lawyers come in and out of the room all day long without asking a simple “Do you need five minutes?” We have 130 people on one floor with a dirty mini fridge for all our meals which influences us to go out eat every day and spend mega money. The bathroom conditions are abominable and OSHA would have a field take on the ventilation in this building. After witnessing a child sex abuse case you really want a quiet place which there are none of in this building.

Hence again going outside in the rain to collect yourself. I won’t or maybe I can’t go into the 120 some odd trials I witnessed but it was everything under the sun. After the third week when I walked home (that was plus) everyone looked like a criminal or victim to me. In a juror’s case a witness or a defendant. It was weird seeing witnesses at the grocery story or bar I went to. The only saving grace was the 22 other jurors I served with. They were incredible, versatile, smart , objective, crazy, old, black, white, grandmas, students etc… And they were hilarious! We had a ball in the nasty stuffy room for five weeks. If I had to do it over again? I would. Thanks!”

Ed. Note: We have previously discussed jury duty here and here.


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