Dear PoPville – Parking Spot Etiquette

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2011 at 2:30 pm 89 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user W_Bram

“Dear PoPville,

I have a question regarding parking spot etiquette. I have a parking spot in the alley behind my house. I don’t have a car. While I don’t use the spot regularly, I do use it a few days every month for my zipcar, rental car, or guest’s vehicles.

As a result of not regularly having a car in the spot folks think its cool to park there. While this usually isn’t a problem, sometimes it can be quite terrible. Last night, for example, I came back from a trip to the beach and had to wait in the alley for 20 min until someone came out to move their car out of my spot. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

What is the correct protocol here? Should I post signs threatening to tow people? Should I call the towing company when I see this behavior? Should I call the cops? I don’t want to be a bad neighbor and when other neighbors have asked me, I always let them use the spot. What would others do in this situation?”


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