More than 200 restaurants participating in Summer Restaurant Week from August 15 – 21, 2011

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2011 at 11:00 am 23 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lauren PM

From a press release yesterday:

Metropolitan Washington, DC area residents are warming up their dialing fingers and loading up the official Restaurantweekmetrodc.org web page on their screens, getting ready for the release of Summer Restaurant Week dates and their chance to make reservations at new hot spots and old favorites. Over 200 restaurants will feature three-course, fixed-price lunch and dinner menus priced at $20.11 (lunch) and $35.11 (dinner).

You can see all participating restaurants here.

  • Anonymous

    an hour after this was announced yesterday, I couldn’t get a reservation at rasika or sushi taro. :(

    • Anonymous

      Rasika has such limited days/hours that they’re open I feel it’s tough to get in there under normal circumstances.

      • Anonymous

        Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
        Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-11pm

        • Anonymous

          They don’t really adhere to that schedule– I’ve tried going on a Friday at 5:30 and they said it would be another 45 minutes until they were ready to open for dinner.

    • Elza

      Sad, Rasika was my #1 choice!

    • Anonymous

      The pre-theater three-course menu was comparably priced and delicious if you go another week

  • Anonymous

    i am probably the only one in washington who feels this way, but i would rather pay the regular price at a restaurant than deal with RW.

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

    • Anonymous

      I’m veg so it’s a better deal if I pay regular prices.

      • Anonymous

        Also I don’t like eating dessert after a big meal so that’s not really a draw for me either.

    • oink

      I love the side of disgust/pretentiousness that comes with your RW meals.

    • anon

      I feel the same way. RW seems like a gimmick to me.

    • anonymous

      I usually feel that way, but sushi taro is now usually $100pp so restaurant week is a good way to try it out without breaking the bank.

      also, rasika always has good food and service during RW as do some other otherwise more expensive joints.

      • oink

        Sushi Taro does Savored (what used to be Village Vines). $10 to make the reservation and 30% off your bill on any of the tasting menus. Mon-Thurs only though. I figured that’s the only way I’ll dip into their fancy stuff.

    • A

      I feel the same way. Especially with some of the restaurants on there, it’s baffling that they participate – how is a $35 meal at the Heights or Geoff Geoff’s or La Tasca a good deal? I never spend that much when I go to those places.

      I wonder – is it worth it for a place like Oyamel or Zaytinya?

      • DF

        Our first RW in DC, we went to Oyamel. They have the regular menu and since I ordered all veg, it actually cost MORE than if I just paid the regular prices. That said, it’s still one of my fav. restaurants in DC.
        Also, as someone who worked in a restaurant during RW and seeing our # of covers go from 20 a night to 200+, I will never go out during RW again.

  • Elza

    Trying to decide between Restaurant 1789, Bibiana, and Oval Room. Any of these worth it during RW?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I did Oval Room during the winter RW and it was fabulous. Tasty food, good service, and lovely decor.

    • Polytasker

      Haven’t tried 1789 yet but have enjoyed both Bibiana and Oval Room.

    • Anonymous

      did bibiana a year ago and was really disappointed. oval room was great last winter!

  • Jessica

    Bibiana is a great restaurant and I think if you eat meat and fish, RW can be a great value to try it.

    Rasika is just ALWAYS busy. It’s not necessary for RW because the tasting menu isn’t that much more expensive than the RW menu. With Rasika you have to book like 6 weeks in advance. I booked a dinner res for 30 July in MAY when I was given my husband’s deployment schedule. Which got changed. And now I can’t use the reservation. But I’ve learned just to plan it months out and hope it works out. It’s so good there.

    Bibiana is great.

    I have a reservation at Birch and Barley that hopefully a friend can join me for.

  • Lolly716

    I’ve done RW at 1789 and the service was great as usual, so we are going there and also La Bergerie in Old Town (that has also been a good past RW experience). I’ve definitely had the bad service, limited menu, not-good-deal experiences, but there are places that do it right where it’s a great deal.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve done La Bergerie for RW a few times, always wonderful.


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