Dear PoPville – Refrigerator/Appliance Repair

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm 26 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Is your refrigerator running? Well, as it turns out, mine is not. Just as it starts to get really hot, my refrigerator decides to go kaput. I’ve had a few less than stellar repair experiences in the past, so I’m looking for a quality refrigerator service shop/person. Local is a plus, as is evening/weekend scheduling.”

Anyone have general recommendations for other appliance repair as well?

  • sad

    Call Sears repair center. Their people are decent.

    Or GE repair even if it’s not a GE.

  • Mt P resident

    Both a friend of mine and I have had great experiences with Wooten Appliance (http://www.wootenappliance.com/). In her case, he fixed her refrigerator/freezer. In mine, he checked out my tenants’ 23-year-old washing machine and honestly told me that he saw signs of wear and tear that suggested it wasn’t likely worth fixing if we could afford to replace it. So he’s both good at what he does and honest about what is most worthwhile for you to do. Good luck!

  • pop-up owner

    Skip’s Appliance 301-864-7493 He’s really good and will be very up front on fix vs. replace etc.

    I just had warranty work done by Metro Factory Service… they were really good. I’m just pissed that in having them also look at an oven that wasn’t performing that I ended up needing new a new burn tube and igniter on a 3 year old oven.


    • Bloomingdalian

      Was it a GE? I, along with several friends have had the same shit happen. What happened to them??

  • Anonymous

    Got a friend with an Angie’s List membership? Anytime I have these questions, that is my go-to consultative point. Plus, they have online coupons that pay you back for the membership almost instantly.

    Also, depending on how nice the existing fridge is, you may just want to replace. Anytime repair approaches 25-30% of replacement value, it’s worth thinking about that.

    • anon

      Yeah… unless the fridge is fairly new and was a fairly expensive model, replacing it might make more sense.

      I replaced the 20-year-old fridge in my condo with a new one for very little $$ — I think like $400.

      Then again, the fridge is white rather than stainless steel, which means that if my place is ever a GDON, someone will probably say it needs to be updated. :(

  • Keepin’ it real

    Just be careful. A friend of mine called a refridgerator repairman (can’t remember the name – it’s a man and his son team) and stupidly paid him a deposit on his estimate and he cashed the check and was never heard from him again. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you (get a contract). That being said, I’ve had great luck with Sears.

  • Enos

    The regrigerator on that porch appears to be one of those “Free” deals left out on the street. Any fridge left outside should have the doors locked. Children will climb in there and get stuck and suffocate. I think it may be illegal to leave refrigerators outside if the doors aren’t locked shut. I know it was in Houston where I used to live.

    • Bloomingdalian


    • Anonymous

      how many children have died from that?

      • greent

        not enough?

        (please PoP posters for good spaghetti note this is sarcasm)

      • Angry Parakeet

        Enough that there are laws regarding the doors – Here in this area the doors must be taken off their hinges.

        • greent

          And Darwin weeps.

        • Crin

          I think those are old laws from when refrigerators had exterior handles/latches circa 1940. In which case if you got inside and closed the door, you could never get out no matter how hold you were. Now that refrigerators don’t have exterior latches is it still really an issue?

    • styglan1


  • MtP

    I really like M&M Appliance on Blair Rd (@Rittenhouse), for both repair and new purchase. When they came to look at our dryer timer, they said it would cost more than half the cost of a new dryer to replace the faulty parts (it’s out of warranty), and recommended I not do the work, and didn’t charge for the call.

  • MichelleRD

    Our refrigerator stopped cooling last summer and I looked on Angie’s List for help. (Really is worth the $35 annual fee). I can’t remember why I selected this Virginia operation, Discount Appliances Repair. It must have been based on how quickly they could get to my house because this guy named Bechir showed up the next day and had whatever part he needed on his truck. He had things working again in less than 20 minutes. 703-593-2010.

    But really, pay something like $10 for a month’s access to Angie’s List and find a couple of back up options.

    • styglan1

      Glad to see someone else already covered DAR – have used them a few times and everything has been great with them. Also found them on Angie’s list

  • Lars V.

    I’ve been using A Weinstein for appliance repaitr for years. last time i had a problem with my refrigerator, i described it over the phone and Mark gave me a simple (and free) solution.

    he’s also done work on other appliances.

    The number to call 301-421-1942

  • jm

    had this problem a month ago, it was freaking miserable.

    this guy was fast and responsive and had no problem taking my landlord’s credit card info over the phone for the bill. oh yeah, and he fixed my fridge.


  • anne

    ALCO Appliance Repair 301-937-6996 Let them know make and model # and the problem and they’ll let you know if it’s fixable. These guys are great!

  • PetworthRes

    I second the recommendation for Wooten Appliance Repair – they’ve been great

  • Liz

    I used Service Master recently for a fridge repair – I called on a Saturday morning, and they sent someone out the same afternoon. (It took another week for them to order the part and come back to install it, and again, we were able to schedule for a weekend.) Good service, and easy to schedule.

  • RD

    isn’t the whole fridge-child thing because the old-timey fridges used to have latches on them that were released when you pulled the handle on the outside? the fridge in the picture and every fridge in my lifetime closes with magnets. a kid could merely push it open from the inside.

  • styglan1

    I have used Discount Appliance Repair (DAR) which I found on Angie’s list. Used them multiple times and they were FANTASTIC, cheap and easy to schedule with. They repaired fridge and two stoves for me.


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