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Checking Out Renovations in PoPville – Vol. 25 – Kitchen

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2011 at 10:30 am 57 Comments


Ed. Note: If you have any renovation projects you’d be willing to share (inside or outside the house/condo) please send an email with a brief explanation, a few photos and cost to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com

“Dear PoP,

You mentioned that you like to see kitchen renovations, so I thought I would submit mine. Work was just completed a couple weeks ago. Thought I’d let the dust settle before submitting it to you.

I bought this wardman townhouse in Petworth a few years ago. It was neglected. The hands of an unscrupulous and untalented flipper had been over it. House went through foreclosure before coming to my possession. As a result, I knew all sorts of surprises awaited me beneath the crooked drywall. Nevertheless, I was ready for a challenge. One thing the flippers did manage to do before I bought the house was remove every last vestige of character from the house. So, I knew it needed something to set it apart, so I decided it needed a nice kitchen to anchor it.

I hired Referred by Renovators (MD) to design a kitchen by removing the galley wall and replacing it with a counter and hanging cabinets. I’d used them for numerous other projects with good results. The galley wall wasn’t load bearing. Also wanted the cheap tile floor replaced with oak hardwood, new, quality cabinets installed, granite countertops, upgraded electrical, upgraded plumbing, paint, lighting, and substantial repairs to electrical throughout the house, repaired plumbing to the powder room, new rear entry door and framing at the rear of the house, rerouting of plumbing and gas line, siding at the back of the house, reinforced floor joists, and more. Project did not include appliances. Work was completed on schedule (just over three weeks). Cost was on target (around $40k). They found substantial problems with electrical (illegal junction boxes, illegal wiring) and replaced and repaired it. Same with the plumbing.

Very pleased. A clean and orderly workspace was kept. They used an I-beam to support and brace above the cabinets. Most importantly, I knew they would pause and fix problems they encountered and not just leave them. they found a lot of problems I inspected including the illegal junction boxes, wiring, and more. I can’t imagine the headaches they found. Cabinets look beautiful (still awaiting cabinet glass door inserts). Nearly quadrupled the amount of cabinet space and still preserved a decent size dining area. Kitchen is bright, cheery and functional (dishwasher is under the counter). Makes the home feel welcoming. Lesson learned is that a full, functional, modern kitchen can be had in a 1920’s wardman, but to do it right is expensive. I spent more than I wanted, but the peace of mind and the results leave me with the belief that I got a fair shake. Curious what PoP readers think. Basement is the next project.”





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