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Moroni & Brother’s Pizza Gets Extended Bar Space

by Prince Of Petworth May 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm 11 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Moroni Bros. at Decatur St. & Georgia Ave. has extended their bar space. Looks nice. It’s so new, the finish is still a little tacky to the touch. I spoke with Denis, the owner, about the changes. He said they will have five beers on tap. Just thought the neighborhood would like to know.”

Moroni & Brothers is located at 4811 Georgia Ave. NW and has some of the best pizza in the city. Do you like the idea of an expanded bar area?

  • djdc

    Yes. Yes, I do.

  • 13th St NW

    Love this place, went there earlier this week with the new bar in place. I love the new bar itself. BUT the dining area now feels a little cramped and no longer has the same homey vibe that worked with the old tables. Maybe new seating is in the works too to better use the dining space that is left?

  • fz

    I love Moroni Brothers! Best pizza in DC! I don’t mind the bar expansion but I agreed with 13th that it was less cramped before. The only thing I wish was that the service was a little better. I was there last Sunday and the waitress they had for lunch was terrible.

  • caballero

    I think Moroni is great, and I’ve been there about a dozen times, but I’m not sure if I like the extended bar. If the beer selection is better, and they have an additional TV, it might work. But if it’s just to accommodate some drunks who leer at the girls, it’s no good. When I picked up a pizza there last week, a woman behind the counter scolded two guys for harassing one of the waitresses.

  • LisaT

    I don’t care for their pizza at all, but I do like bars. haha

  • andy

    I for some reason believed the owners were LDS and therefore wouldn’t be so strongly supportive of a bar concept.

    Anybody know?

    I thought the Moroni thing was related to the angel Moroni of LDS stuff.

    • profchris

      I thought it was Mormon-missionary place. Will have to ask the SouthPark guys…

    • Cockster

      AFAIK, it just the name of one of their sons.

  • Bill

    I’m glad to hear it about the beers on tap! That’s one thing that’s been missing from Moroni Brothers that I think will attract new customers. They’ve redone the outside and signage and are about to have outdoor seating as well. It is progressing nicely. Andy – I really don’t think so, I’ve never seen any indication of that.

  • AJ

    So far they have Bell’s Amber, Port City Wit (Alexandria, VA new brewery!) and Estrella Damm Lager from Barcelona. He is getting an IPA and a Dark beer on Tuesday.

  • giacomo

    PS. Those are my photos hanging on the walls! I was commissioned by the LEDC to photograph Petworth for photos for the restaurant. I unfortunately have zero photographer’s credit and got screwed on the pricing (they ended up keeping the photos for less than the cost it took me to print them). Sad story but they have great pizza.


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