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“Dear PoP,

My main basement drain is clogged, and every time it rains or I do laundry the water level increase more and more.
I need a drain cleaning company with big snake to clean that up. However I am not able to find anyone trustfull, I know this thing can be expensive and also I am single female and I am very often get quoted at least the double of the price!! maybe you reader can give me references and how much the payed for the service?”

And I’m also curious for those who’ve had this service done – how much did it/should it cost?

“Dear PoP,

We’re looking for recommendations on someone to seal a portion of our basement. Any suggestions?

Here’s the situation: We have a 1912 rowhouse in NE and have never had water issues in the basement until last month. Most of the basement is above grade but one small part is below. The water is at the front wall and seems to have started after we did some “landscaping” in the front yard very near to the house. We think we may have caused this damage by putting a few layers of heavy plastic down beneath the mulch in that area to block pernicious weeds. I suspect the plastic caused rainwater that had previously been absorbed by soil to run toward the foundation where it seeped through the foundation and up the drywall. We have removed the plastic, and are now looking for companies that might offer a simple interior basement sealing in just this section.

We’re wondering if you or your readers knew someone to recommend for this kind of work. Someone licensed is a must and a warranty would be a plus. I’ve tried to look over older posts regarding basements but we don’t think we need the french drains often recommended.”


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