Dear PoPville – Blinds for the Porch?

by Prince Of Petworth May 13, 2011 at 2:30 pm 13 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Bogotron

“Dear PoP,

Since the sunshine and warm weather are now upon us, I’d like to take more advantage of my porch. Last year was so hot and sunny that I didn’t use the porch much – I’d like to add some roman blinds to create a little bit of shade. I’m not a big fan of curtains since they can’t be hidden when not in use.

Two questions:
– Are there online resources for outdoor blinds?
– Is it tacky to add blinds to a porch?”

  • caballero

    Based on the weather so far this spring, you won’t need blinds this summer. Heck, you won’t even need sunglasses.

  • oneal

    Just picked up bamboo(esk) shades from Home Depot should do the trick for you, however they come in pretty standardized sizes. As long as your deck isn’t any wierd size, it should do the trick.

    • Formerly of Capitol Hill

      I have these on my deck pergola. We got them last summer and they were cheap and did the trick nicely. They are plastic, but look OK from even a few feet away. We rolled them up when not in use, and they lasted well through the season. We have the stored in our shed and will put them up again if it ever gets warm.

  • Stacy

    Saw some today on plowandhearth.com. They had curtains and blinds they were advertising for use on porches and patios.

  • lei

    I got a 6ft bamboo shade at World Market …… you can’t even see it when it is rolled.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    I’ve seen large white curtains billowing in the breeze on a few porches here and there. Gives it a Mediterranean feel. Kinda nice… although it seems like they’d get pretty dirty pretty quick unless you took them down and put them back up every time. Pain.

    • LisaT

      That’s such a nice look and I’d like to do it, but I was wondering how often you have to take them down to wash. Don’t really need to create an extra project!

    • longley

      we had these for a while, but took them down because they were annoying to care for. they were on a rod, so you could actually pull them back and tie them when you didn’t want them out.

  • 1216

    Like most things I don’t think it’s tacky if done right.

  • Anonymous

    This place for sale on 5th really did a great job with their porch curtains. They need a better photo of the front porch.

  • BF

    Blinds.com has wide range of blinds for a good price. We got thewindow treatments for our entire house there and were quite pleased.

  • ogden

    Plastic mini blinds do not look as good as matchstick roll-up shades or white curtains.

    But I think more important is what you do with the rest of the space. If you hang plastic blinds, then lay down astroturf, set out an old broken furniture and dead plants, it’s going to look tacky.

  • I really like that, it is so creative. Don’t be ashamed to show your face!


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