Dear PoP – green house cleaners?

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2011 at 2:30 pm 17 Comments

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“Dear PoP,

I’m looking for a new cleaning service and was wondering if you could ask other readers if they’ve had a good experience with one that uses non-toxic, eco-friendly products.”

We talked about some general house cleaning services here. Anyone have a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly products?

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  1. Just give a standard cleaning agency the products you want to use.

  2. Do not use Green Maid Works. Had an awful experience with them trying to use my Groupon.

    Just as an example, they bagged up all my trash and recycling, and piled them in the doorway. I couldn’t get into my house because of the bags of trash blocking the door.

  3. Huh, we got the Living Social deal for them and have been very pleased with them.

  4. Seriously, everyone has the right to leave a comment, but I have to tell you I have purchased several Deal purchases from Green MaidWorks and I have nothing but great experiences. Leaving the trash or bundling recycle in front of your door, come on what are we comming to. Is that really an awefull experience. These ladies that clean my house work extreemly hard, are punctual, and so sweet. I recomend Green MaidWorks do listen to this person.

    Thank you Green MaidWorks for all your hard work,
    Jane R. current customer

  5. Poon recommends the most toxic chemicals possible to clean your house. If you don’t have to wear two pairs of rubber gloves, your house isn’t clean.

  6. +1, we use the green mop and they are great

  7. when i lived in a group house on the hill (2004-2006), we used Little Green Men. it’s just two guys who show up to clean your house. they were cool and did a good job. unfortunately, i’m not having any luck finding a website for them, so maybe they’re not around anymore. but if you find them, i recommend them!

  8. I also used Little Green Men (back in ’05-’07), then moved away, moved back, and can’t find them again. I’m assuming they went on to bigger things (I recall they were musicians who paid the bills with the cleaning company). Anyways, unable to find a green service, I just provide my own products to a regular cleaning service now.

  9. We used the Green Mop a couple of times, but one time, they left behind some of their products accidentally. And surprise, the products were basically just your run-of-the-mill toxic crap. Given that Green Mop charges a 10% premium, I was pretty disappointed.

    I say just hire someone and give them the stuff you want them to use.

  10. I had green mop a few times, but their payment system is totally whacked. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to pay their people or send a check to the company. They pretty much immediately sent some mildly threatening emails when I hadn’t even received an invoice or anything.


    There’s a groupon for a maid service going now and you can choose to use their “green” product line-up.

  11. +1 for Green Mop — we used them regularly for a while (over a year) and they did a great job and we never had problems with payment. They were always really responsive and good about rescheduling when we needed to.

  12. I was reasonably satisfied with the actual cleaning that Green Mop did for us. They weren’t that thorough – no vacuuming under the sofa or mopping under the dining table, and twice they didn’t mop the downstairs hardwood floor at all. But it was decent. My real issue with them, though, was that they kept leaving my back door unlocked. We have a handle lock, a deadbolt, and a chain on that door. None of the three locks would be done when I’d get home. I could excuse the deadbolt not being latched because it won’t unless you push on the door, but not doing the other two locks on four separate occasions is inexcusable.

  13. I use the hipster house cleaner, that way I choose/buy my own cleaning products.

  14. Uppercrust Maids, hands down. Cathy Green is a true professional and their promises regarding customer care are 100% true. She answers every question and checks in to be sure you are satisfied.

    Ask for Lamonte! He’s a cleaning genius!


  15. I’ve been using Green Mop for a few months — they did a great job the first time but it’s gone downhill since then. The scheduling isn’t that great (they wait until the last minute to give you a time, they are hours late sometimes), so I wouldn’t recommend them.

  16. We used the Little Green Men – they disbanded, but John and Rocky still clean our house. Have had a great experience with them. He gave me permission to pimp out his work email so here it is:
    johnlamprey (at) yahoo (dot) com


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