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It’s Time To (Attempt to) Name This Neighborhood (Again)

“Dear PoP,

Question for you and/or fellow readers. I recently moved to North Columbia Heights and am curious on how, exactly, that neighborhood is called. Basically we’re talking the 14th street corridor about between Thai Tanic and Red Derby. That strip has a much different feel than farther south near DCUSA and is seeming to call for its own branding. My neighbors are referring to it either Parkwood since (a.) the street Parkwood Place intersects that corridor at the center and (b.) since its between neighborhoods Parkview and Crestwood. -OR- they’re calling it Noche, short for NOrth Colubia HEights, reflecting the still predominantly Latin neighborhood with growing nightlife.

Just wondering if anyone had insight or if it should go up for a vote.”

Clearly we have failed in the past to properly identify the name of this neighborhood. For this question comes up at least once a year and this is the first time I’m hearing Noche or Parkwood for that matter. We last discussed it in July ’10:

“That’s Tivoli North of course. I’m just kidding, just kidding. Tivoli North actually is a business association but the idea of calling the neighborhood that is very controversial to say the least. The truth is, it depends who you ask. Among the residents that live in that area I’ve heard people refer to it as Columbia Heights, Petworth, 14th Street Heights, and 16th Street Heights. It is actually Ward 4 (Columbia Heights is Ward 1). I like the idea of 14th St. Heights.”

The consensus at that time and nearly every other time is that most people simply want to call it Columbia Heights. Or north Columbia Heights. As I said before I don’t love that idea because we are talking about 2 different wards and they do have very different feels. But I’m afraid until development builds on that section of 14th St, you know “sexy development” it’s going to remain Columbia Heights to most.

Here’s an interesting little bit of trivia: When Red Derby first opened at 14th and Quincy they identified the neighborhood as Petworth (due to the proximity to Petworth metro). Many folks will remember there were 3 clocks on the wall with Pago Pago (American Samoa) time, Paris (I think) time, and Petworth time.

But hell let’s have a vote – what do you think the area of 14th St, NW north Spring St should be called?

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