Dear PoP – Can I Get Out of my Listing Contract?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

“Dear PoP,

Our place has been on the market for over a month now, and we of course had to sign a listing agreement that lasts for 6 months with our realtor. The problem is, he isn’t doing anything that he said that he would in his sales pitch to us. He never responds to emails or phone calls, he refuses to take us to see places that we might like to buy (he says for us to just “do it on our own”), and frankly, he’s kind of a jerk. He has insulted our furniture and belongings, is condescending, and the only thing that he’s done is put the pictures that we took of our house online. He doesn’t even speak with the realtors that come to visit our place- we do that.

We have tried expressing our displeasure with him, but he just ignores us and then will not respond to us for days. When he finally does respond, he berates us. Giving him 6% of the sales price is outrageous for the work that he has done, and so I am wondering- though we signed the listing agreement, is there any way to find a different realtor because he hasn’t done what he has promised (as far as being proactive, sending out mailings, helping us find a new condo, etc)? Does this ever happen? Or, are there any realtors that would have any better suggestions as to how to go about fixing this mess that we’ve found ourselves in?”

He sounds like a total asshole. Any lawyers or realtors know if it is possible to get out of a listing agreement?

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