Dear PoP – Election day boozing?

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm 13 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user JosephLeonardo

“Dear PoP,

So, tomorrow is election day, and things look bad for the Democratic Party-types like me.

As such, I expect that me and my similarly-positioned friends will feel the desire to imbibe whilst crying our way through election coverage.

I’m a recent arrival in D.C.–after the 2008 election cycle–and I wanted to know if there are any local laws concerning the sale of alcohol on election day. I previously lived in the great bourbon Commonwealth of Kentucky, a state whose legislators apparently used to like to purchase votes with booze, and, as such, sales were restricted until after polls closed.”

Hmm, I always assumed there were no restrictions but I’ve always been in bars or restaurants. I’m 99.9% sure you’ll be able to drown your sorrows tomorrow with some Wild Turkey.

But it also raises a good question – anyone know of good election night parties/deals around town?

  • I’m planning to go this event; my favorite radio person Mr. Thom Hartmann is going to be there
    8.30pmFree Speech TV – LIVE election night coverage from Busboys and Poets (14th&V)

  • MJ

    I always spend election night at Marx Cafe in Mt. Pleasant, which is a generally left leaning crew (surprise). Nevertheless, I doubt this year will be remotely like 2008.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    Hawk N’ Dove and Tune Inn usually lively places for election night crowds and TV man-on-the-street live shots, but the cheering and cries of “61!” “61!” might get you down. I’d try the downstairs bar at Tonic on Mt. P, Marx, Looking Glass…does the Red Derby have TVs on the new roof deck?

  • I’d second the Hawk n Dove or Tune Inn and add that most of the bars on the Hill are pretty lively on election night. Although if your party is losing, maybe you don’t want to hear loud cheers from the opposition every time a race is called – that’s pretty much how it goes down at Union Pub and a couple other places on the Hill

    • And to answer the original question, no there are no restrictions against alcohol sales and bars are usually packed on election nights in DC as many people are learning via live TV whether they will continue to have a job

  • Tres

    I sometimes like Buffalo Billiards for election day. You walk around and find out where people of the same party are congregated based on when they cheer. A couple projection screen TVs and dozens of flat screens throughout. You can mingle with like minded folk if single and frisky.

    • Anonymous

      I normally can’t standBuffalo Billiards, but I can see it being very good for election day viewing!

    • Anonymous

      so how does that go? Nice candidate, wanna f&*$

  • johnkin

    The World Series is late this year. A lot of places will be playing baseaball. You should have a back up plan.

  • Boozy

    There are no restrictions all day on the sale of alcohol in D.C. Some places, like Kentucky and Indiana ban the sale while polls are open, but bars are allowed to be open once polls close. In D.C. you can drink from morning till night.

  • forumno9

    no game on tues. they play tonight and then travel back to SF for wed game (if necessary)

  • CH Residentd

    Must get to D’vines by 930pm… dc law.(period)…

  • Jaynuze

    Any “wine” bar should do …


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