Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user JosephLeonardo

“Dear PoP,

So, tomorrow is election day, and things look bad for the Democratic Party-types like me.

As such, I expect that me and my similarly-positioned friends will feel the desire to imbibe whilst crying our way through election coverage.

I’m a recent arrival in D.C.–after the 2008 election cycle–and I wanted to know if there are any local laws concerning the sale of alcohol on election day. I previously lived in the great bourbon Commonwealth of Kentucky, a state whose legislators apparently used to like to purchase votes with booze, and, as such, sales were restricted until after polls closed.”

Hmm, I always assumed there were no restrictions but I’ve always been in bars or restaurants. I’m 99.9% sure you’ll be able to drown your sorrows tomorrow with some Wild Turkey.

But it also raises a good question – anyone know of good election night parties/deals around town?


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