Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

“Dear PoP,

We’ve been driven crazy with a bunch of loud college kids in the rowhouse next to us. Loud parties, not bagging their trash in the alley, and noise and parties at all ours. Calls to the city and cops haven’t really helped.

Now we just learned they will be leaving at the end of the month because they haven’t paid the rent.

We plan on contacting the landlord to help her get better renters. She not a professional landlord, but rents a few properties on the side. I was thinking like requiring a credit check, maybe suggesting some good places to advertise, and anything else the PoP community can come up with.

Our QUESTION to the PoP Community – has anyone every successfully done this? Any tips on what info. we could offer her or things we could do?”

For those who’ve found good tenants – how/where did you find them?


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