Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Imagine not being able to taste the above? It sounds like a Seinfeld episode but:

“Dear PoP,

Here’s what may at first sound like a really weird question for your readers: has anyone else in the CH/Petworth area recently come down with a case of “pine mouth?” It is a condition where a person suddenly has a persistent and horribly bitter metallic taste in their mouth that can last for weeks. It is apparently caused by bad pine nuts, and makes ones life pretty miserable because all food and drink tastes like cr*p. I mention it to you because I just got it from pine nuts I bought at the CH Giant last week. I was extremely perplexed (and a bit concerned) by what was happening, and finally tracked down the likely cause to those damn nuts. So now I am wondering if others in the area are suffering from it as well.

And, no, I’m not making this up.

You can get more information about “pine mouth” here:


Holy cow, first bed bugs, now this. I’m starting to freak out.  For real, has anyone else experienced this bizarre condition?


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