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Dear PoP – What Tracks are Open in Winter

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2010 at 2:30 pm 7 Comments


“Dear PoP,

I am wondering if you know if there are any (running) tracks in the area (columbia heights-ish) open to the public during the winter? I have tried to find information on the tracks at local high schools (cordozo, etc…) and universities (howard, etc..) but remain stumped.

I’d love to know if you or your readers have any insight on this one….”

Anybody use a public track? How ’bout Banneker on Georgia Ave?

  • Jill on Randolph

    I sometimes use the track at Roosevelt SHS. I just go during the posted hours above and haven’t had any problems. Once there was a team practicing on the track, but I stayed out of their way (i.e. used the outer lanes) and it seemed to work out well. The track looks to be covered in snow right now, but otherwise it’s been great for running on this winter. PoP posted about this track in particular awhile ago: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2008/08/you-too-can-use-theodore-roosevelt-hss-track/.

  • Chris

    I used to use the beautiful Cardozo track in the mornings up until November when the stopped unlocking the gate at 6:30. I have no idea when they’ll open it back up (it might be open now, I just haven’t swung by there early in the morning recently). I tried to find something online about when their hours or dates officially are, but to no avail. Anyone else have any info?

  • EPF

    I use Banneker frequently. The track is much much nicer since it was overhaauled last year.

  • Andy

    Cardozo is hit-or-miss. Lights seem to be on most mornings, but the gate is usually locked. It was open last Thursday morning, but closed this morning.

    Banneker is a great option, though it isn’t lit in the wee hours of the morning. Generally a really empty track this time of the year.

  • andy

    I used Roosevelt track one morning last week.

  • ParkRd

    Yeah, I do track work at Banneker, and the couple of times I’ve been recently, it’s been pretty empty.

  • shy

    Can we talk about the poor grammar on the sign?
    “Available from 6:30am to 8:45am in the morning and from 4pm until dusk in the evening.”


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