“The Sultan of Coho” Declares War on PoPville

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2010 at 1:30 pm 10 Comments


“Dear Prince of Petworth,

I wanted to let you know, that the I, “The Sultan of Coho” declare war on you and your kingdom. You will see from our newly complete fortress that you have much to fear. 3551 13th st nw is the center of power in this town.”

I accept your challenge and will defend my honor as soon as I can raise my army who for some reason don’t seem to be returning my calls at the moment… It’s on!

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is Coho?

  • Anonymous


  • A hobo with a remarkably obscure foreign accent, mebbe? He is a Sultan after all. Do they have Sultans in Kentucky?

  • Andy

    Coho are salmon. I’m not sure why “Sultan of Salmon” doesn’t seem better for this lowly challenger.

  • Pip

    Princes have principalities, not kingdoms. Stick that in yer hookah and smoke it, Sultan!

  • er

    what on earth is Coho?

  • Raymo in LeDroit

    Yuko on Coho they caused me to look at a photo of Todd B, and that is a bad thing as he is force of maliciousness.

  • Mal

    Now that I’m not angry at the snow…

    This is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    seriously, what the hell is Coho?

    that name seems to invoke the same feelings I have you hear someone call montgomery county “moco”..

  • Anonymous

    CoHo=Court House? These posers aren’t even from the big city?

    I mean the short city… height restrictions.


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