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by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2009 at 3:30 pm 6 Comments

Urban Pace Fine Homes

The Cassandra

Jefferson Condos

The Erie

Quiet Mind Yoga

Solea Condominiums

The Looking Glass Lounge

Kevin Wood, Realtor

Fresh Off The Roast, Coffee

Chix, Organic Chicken

Capitol Hill Home Inspection

Som Records

Nevin Kelly Gallery

Upper Crust Maids

Welcome New Advertiser:

Jenkins Row on Capitol Hill

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  1. Local blog turned commercial enterprise… er.. eh.. ok

  2. Do you realize that Upper Crust Maids discriminates against Pit Bull owners? Sorry, but I’m on a tear to educate people about APBT

    I have been considering purchasing at Jenkins Row. I’d like to hear what others think of it.

  3. @Diane! Buy in Petworth! It’s a fab place – seriously…seriously.

  4. ontarioroader

    The Allegro Apartments on 14th also have an anti-pit bull policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if both the maids and the Alllegro folks have more of an issue with not wanting to be involved with pit bull owners [or the ‘type of people’ they think own pit bulls] than the dogs themselves. I’d love to hear their reasoning as to why the canine bigotry.

  5. UpperCrustMaids

    As the owner of UpperCrust Maids, I need to speak to the false allegation made by Diane (since slander is still against the law in this country).

    This company does not discriminate against anyone.

    However, this company has an obligation to protect its employees, especially since I will be held liable if an employee gets hurt or maimed in a home.

    Pitt Bulls have actually been banned in P.G. County. They are one of the few breeds that will turn on and kill its own owner. It even attacks young children and other dogs on a regular basis.

    For the protection of my employees, anyone who owns a Pitt Bull must have it caged when my employees are in their home cleaning. That’s not discrimination. That’s smart practice.

  6. Prince Of Petworth

    @ontarioroader I think you are a bit out of line with your comment. First of all UpperCrustMaids is run by one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Not that it should matter but she is African American. I would defend them whether or not they were advertisers on this blog. Their employees whom I have met are also among the nicest, kindest, most hard working folks I’ve met.

    This thread is not a place to debate the behavior of dog breeds. I will happily open a new thread on pitbulls if people would like. I am closing comments on this thread. Please email me directly at princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to further discuss or have a new thread opened.


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