Washington, DC

Random PoP Observation

Pardon my crudeness, but this is a real problem that we as a nation have been ignoring for far too long now. I’ll be direct, I am worried about the proliferation of man breasts in professional sports. For a long time the Professional Golf Association has been the home to many “athletes” with prominent man breasts. The great Phil Mickelson is a prime example. However, John Daly also comes to mind and Colin Montgomery, the Anna Nicole Smith of the PGA, truly  exemplifies the problem when it really gets out of control. But since golf really isn’t a sport I wasn’t too worried. Until I watched some football this weekend. Now granted I will speak about the coaching staff but they are setting a terrible example for the players they lead. Now, the NFL in its infinite wisdom has made sure that coaching staffs must wear ridiculous t-shirts or other apparel sporting NFL logos presumably to boost sales. But this marketing measure has exposed a greater problem. I know this is heresy but almost all of the Washington Redskins coaching staff including head coach Joe Gibbs, are culpable of sporting man breasts. Apparently dignity is for sale by the NFL.


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