PoP air travel tip #2

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2007 at 8:19 pm 3 Comments

Sorry, I’ve been traveling so indulge me with an aside. Ok, from the age of the 13 to 23 every time I flew I would sit down and pray for a hot girl to sit next to me. It was a dream that never materialized. I say this because it is a marked contrast to what I pray for when I fly today. Now, when I take my seat all I think is: “dear lord, please don’t let an obese person sit next to me.” I know this is a terrible thought but it is true, I absolutely dread the thought. So I was delighted when a normal lady sat next to me. But it was no dream, which leads me to travel tip #2. If you have a window seat, don’t drink 8 gallons of water before a five hour flight. I expect to get up once or twice but c’mon 10 times in one flight.

  • Prince of Petworth

    Just to make sure this is clear. I didn’t get up 10 times the lady sitting next to me did. But as I was on the aisle seat I had to get up to let her out…

  • Anonymous

    Uh Oh….. PoP used to be my favorite blog until now :-) I think you may get yourself into trouble with this one line: “I was delighted when a normal lady sat next to me.” Are you saying obese people are not normal? I am 5’5″ and weigh 205lbs. Don’t look anywhere near obese; however, the BMI will put me in the obese category; but I still fit into those small coach airline seats comfortably. So please define obese? (if you don’t want to, I’ll let you slide…;-)

  • Prince of Petworth

    Sometimes I can be a real jerk and I apologize.


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