Am I a racist?

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2007 at 9:39 am 28 Comments

This comment just came in under the post I did on luxury cars in Petworth:

Anonymous said…
You are not crazy. You are racist. You are attempting to put your suburban “sensible” values on Black people, yes, I said it. I’m sure that you have every best intention in creating an informative blog about “your neighborhood”, yet you fail to realize that “…our beloved Petworth” was a stable place to live long before you were born.

I know, you did not say Black in your Blog… you said everything but that… but if you had any understanding of Black American Culture, you would realize how ignorant your whiny little questions are.

So here goes with your cultural lesson:

Black folks have always liked and prized our automobiles. It is a status that goes back to early memory of my 45 years. Cadillacs, Lincolns’, and all other luxury cars that most other American’s consume. Much of it is a reaction to having a dignity and respect that was denied to us for many generations. If we could not live in the finest neighborhood (denied by covenants and redlining from reputable financial institutions) then we could drive nice cars. It is a matter of pride and respect, things that have come easily to you.

Black people are culturally different than white people, though our DNA make-up is 99.9% the same, we have been shaped very differently by the cultures we live in. I am sure that if you dig deep into your history you will see this… remember all the Black people that came to your house for dinner when you were growing up? Right.

So now you find yourselve immersed in a “culture” that you have no understanding of. “…our beloved Petworth”, really, give me a break. Face it, though you, like I, paid big bucks to live here, we moved into a metropolitan area that is primarily African-American. Not only did you move to a city, but you moved to a Black neighborhood… why? Because it was all you could afford. If you could have afforded to move to Friendship Heights you would have. And if you did live in Friendship Heights, I doubt you would be questioning whether your neighbors leased or owned their cars. What business is that of yours anyway?

Hipsters, and such take note: Petworth was fine before you came here. It does not need your revitalization. Most people here do not consider their houses as investments, they are the places where they have lived. You have brought in your values and attempted to push them on the majority of this culture… shame on you. I doubt that you even talk to your neighbors… just blog about it… blah, blah, blah?


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