A Christian coach winning the Super Bowl…

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2007 at 11:32 pm 10 Comments

What’s next a Christian President of the United States? Since the Super Bowl was last night I feel obligated to make some Super Bowl commentary. I was listening to the Super Bowl celebration when Tony Dungy, the Colts coach, was given the microphone. He said he was more proud of being a Christian coach than being the first black man to coach the Super Bowl champions. I think it is wonderful that he is proud of his religion but I’m not sure it trumps his historic victory. I understand that it shouldn’t be a big deal for a black coach to win the Super Bowl but I do think he dismissed the significance too quickly. Halle Berry understood the significance when she won the oscar for best actress some years ago. Hopefully in a few years time it won’t matter, with sports, acting or politics. But a first is a first and should be acknowledged as such. Congratulations to coach Dungy and the Colts.


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