Where is the outrage?

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2007 at 3:26 pm 4 Comments

Last week the Washington Post reports the second in command for homeland security for Prince George’s county was involved in a shooting in his home. He shot two furniture movers who were unarmed and they are still in the hospital. I understand that this PG County police officer was involved in other controversy in the past. Now, I ask you, where the hell is the outrage that these two unarmed furniture movers were shot multiple times by a police officer in his home? This is appalling to me. At first the two were held in custody while still in the hospital. I understand that the mainstream media is waiting for the full investigation to come out but come on! This cop shot two unarmed people and I don’t hear a peep of protest. I hope when more information comes, there will be a louder protest. Especially because this guy was the #2 officer in charge of homeland security for PG County. I am sickened. I hope more info comes out soon and I hope that the media reports on it because this apparent misuse of power is shocking and sickening. I hate to make this a racial thing but would there be more coverage if the cop was white, or if the movers were white? Where is Rev. Sharpton? I don’t care what the color of the shooter or apparent victims are but whenever there is a shooting of unarmed people by a police officer I demand justice.


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