Washington, DC


I am an avid golfer. Not a good golfer but an avid one. At any rate, I love my neighbors by the by, a new neighbor had moved in and saw me loading golf clubs into my car. He asks me, so where do I golf, and could he come with me. So, insincerely, I say sure, sure no problem, next time I go. So, I talk to another neighbor to commiserate and say “damn, isn’t that weird, this guy who just moved in wants to go golfing with me.” I continue “now that is awkward as hell, I don’t want to spend 3 hours with a guy I’ve never met before.” Cringe factor: the other neighbor was on his porch the whole time and overheard the conversation. Brutal. Now he won’t even talk to me or even really look at me. Now, I realize I can be an ass, but I apologized and he still won’t talk to me. Suggestions?


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