1025 H Street, NE via google maps

Big pizza news from the Washington Business Journal this morning:

“Funky New York pizza chain Two Boots is headed to D.C., with its first area location planned for H Street NE. The pizzeria, which offers a fusion of New Orleans and Italian fare, aims to open in May at 1025 H St. NE”

Check out their pizzas here and their backstory here:

The Reuben Pizza courtesy &pizza

From &pizza:

“Today, they are launching two new seasonal products: The Reuben pizza and the Smoke + Aces tea.

Couple of details about the new products:

The Reuben pizza: A seasonal pie inspired by a deli classic, the Reuben sandwich. Topping include creamy Thousand Island dressing, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, sliced pastrami and tangy slaw

Smoke + Aces tea: A bourbon-inspired sweet tea with hints of smoked hazelnut. Made locally in Washington, D.C., the tea is handcrafted and produced in small batches with organic sugar”

944 Florida Avenue, NW

From an email:

“While it’s goodbye to Baxter, it’s hello to Timber Pizza at Blind Dog Cafe tomorrow. The Timber team is gearing up to open up shop and I wanted to pass along the attached menu.

Timber_Blind_Dog_menu (PDF)

The pop-up will run from 8AM – 3:30PM Friday – Sunday and will operate through February.

NOTE: they will still be serving Blind Dog cookies!

Park Triangle Apartments at 14th and Kenyon St, NW

Big news for fast casual pizza fans in Columbia Heights. The Washington Business Journal‘s Patron de permits reports:

1375 Kenyon St. NW: Interior tenant build out within the Park Triangle Apartments for a new restaurant, the latest &pizza, with 84 seats — 52 inside and 32 outside.”

Also it happened…


upper crust
1301 U Street, NW

Thanks to a tipster for sending word that Upper Crust Pizzeria is coming to 1301 U Street, NW in the former U Sushi space which moved inside neighboring Sala Thai back in July. Upper Crust Pizzeria briefly had a downtown location but closed after a year due to some bankruptcy issues. Apparently that’s been worked out – their website says:

“Since its inception in 2001, The Upper Crust Pizzeria has been serving award-winning pizza to Boston-area residents craving something delicious and extraordinary. In January 2013, new owners and management expanded upon the original concept: use fresh ingredients in traditional and unexpected ways on top of a flavorful crust. The menu has grown from classic combos to more unique and daring pairings, including pizzas like The Uncommon, The Fenway, Cameron’s BBQ and more. Any pizza can be made white (without tomato sauce) or red (without cheese) and is available on our traditional, whole wheat or gluten-free crust.

From our original storefront on Beacon Hill’s historic Charles Street, to any of our other metro area and suburban locations, customers can grab takeout, get delivery or choose to dine in. Our award-winning architectural spaces include open kitchens, pizza pan-decorated ceilings and high-definition flat screens, all adding up to deliver a truly unique experience that can only be described as Upper Crust.”

You can see their menu here.

4th and H Street, NW

Ed. Note: I am a native New Yorker and a huge pizza lover. I have never heard of Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza. Admittedly I haven’t lived in New York in over 18 years. Though I too consider Wiseguy New York Pizza the best pizza in DC. In fact, Wiseguy NY Pizza could smack me in the face and make me eat mayonaise and I’d still return for their pizza.

“Dear PoPville,

I moved here last year with fairly low expectations for DC pizza. No big deal — I can eat it when I’m home. However, I found a place that totally surprised and impressed me: Wiseguy New York Pizza in Chinatown.

Hands down, Wiseguy is the best DC pizza I’ve had in my two years here, and is nearly as good as real New York pizza. I stumbled into it accidentally and was shocked at how good their pizza was, but not just any pizza — Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, which every New Yorker knows is the BEST kind. There was a point last year when I regularly walked out of my way just to get it. It’s great.

Recently, after quite some time of not having Wiseguy, I went back and brought a group of friends, telling them how great the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is. I got there, they didn’t have it on the shelf, I asked for it, they said they didn’t have it, I got something else (begrudgingly) and I moved on.

Last night, I called ahead of time. I said I was coming in in about an hour and would like to get a couple of slices of chicken bacon ranch. I hung up the phone and grabbed my friend and took him to Wiseguy.

They had Chicken Ranch pizza on the shelf — but with NO BACON. I asked for two slices of that but with bacon on it and he said no because they “don’t alter their pizzas.” So I told him I had called ahead to request it, and he says, “Oh, are you (my first name)?” And he takes out a whole Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza from the oven and says, “you ordered this.” And I told him that I didn’t want an entire pizza, I just wanted two slices. I asked him if I could just have two slices of that, and he said no, I can only buy the whole thing. So, I asked what he was going to do with it if I didn’t buy it, and he said he was going to let it go to waste.

So I asked him again for two slices of Chicken Bacon Ranch, and he again said I could only buy two slices of Chicken Ranch (no bacon). And I told him that’s not how it works in New York, which he obviously replied “this isn’t New York,” and then I pointed out that they call themselves Wiseguy NEW YORK Pizza, which he didn’t have much to say to. I think I won that round. I left without buying the Chicken Ranch.

I even contacted the manager and he stood by the policy that they don’t alter the pizza and said they no longer put bacon on their chicken/ranch pizza — which is insulting to CBR lovers everywhere. Anyway, I’m upset. And now I need a new pizza place because they clearly aren’t as great as I thought they were. Such terrible service. I even offered to pay extra for the bacon but to no avail!

Anyone in PoPville wanna make a recommendation?”

1828 L Street, NW

From a press release:

“Veloce will officially launch its beer program, offering a small selection of beers curated by beverage director Josh Fernands, starting next week. A selection of canned beers, and two beers on draft will be available: Ballast Point Sculpin IPA from San Diego, CA, and a local Farmhouse Ale style brew from Right Proper Brewing Company called Ornette. To celebrate the beer program launch, for the week of 11/2-11/6, Veloce will offer a special “Thor’s Right Proper Pizza” in honor of Right Proper co-owner Thor Cheston, which pairs with their farmhouse ale, and is made with chicken sausage, lemon, parsley, and sage pesto, pecorino cheese, kale, roasted onions, and roasted fennel.

Below are some additional beer events coming up at Pizzeria Paradiso: (more…)

1025 Vermont Ave, NW

Ed. Note: This is the former Which Wich/Cafe Mediterranean/Quinznos space just north of K Street.

From an email:

“!Bringing ‘This Thing of Ours’ to DC!

Since ’78 Bozzelli’s has been serving Real Italian Guy ApprovedTM subs & pizza in Northern Virginia

Family owned and operated, Mama Bozzelli is culinary director, sister Mina is COO and brother Mike is deluded visionary

1025 Vermont Ave in NW, DC will be their fourth location, the unit should hv appx. 20 seats

The DC store will differ from the others stores in that it is an ode to toasterias in Italy, the small cafes that specialize in toasted sandwiches; the Bozzelli’s are originally from Puglia in Southern Italy

Target opening is late winter

Their Vermont Ave operation will be a cashless business, thus they will not be accepting cash in favor of all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet “Cash is archaic. Going cashless allows us to expedite the transaction process.”

Check out their Crystal City menus here.

804 V Street, NW

Declaration’s website says:

“DECLARATION, Shaw’s most exciting new gourmet pizza eatery, is set to open mid-fall 2015. Our menu will include casual fare, including gourmet artisan pizzas, pasta and fresh, creative salads. As with our restaurants LINCOLN and Teddy & The Bully Bar, we will source ingredients from local growers, ranchers and artisans. The restaurant’s interior design will include interesting touches that introduce fun and little-known facts about the period of American history in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. Located in bustling Shaw, our 1,776 square foot restaurant is being built out this summer and will be within walking distance of the 9:30 Club. Make us your go-to for lunch, before or after a night out with friends or as a destination in and of itself!”

Here are the pizza’s:

“Lewis Morris, San marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, evoo, romano cheese, house made mozzarella

Francis Hopkinson, Jersey sliced tomatoes, basil pesto, reggiano Parmesan

Thomas Jefferson, Shenandoah Valley chicken, apples, gorgonzola, arugula, mozzarella

Roger Sherman, Meatball, house made ricotta, san marzano tomatoes, roasted peppers

John Adams, Shucked clams, potatoes, pork belly, thyme, fontina cheese

Benjamin Franklin, Cheesesteak, provolone, fresh mozzarella, sweet onions,

John Hancock, Cape codder, bay scallops, bacon, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella”

Have a look at the rest of the menu here.