Well all the Wawa excitement has me thinking about fast casual (back in my day we called it fast food grumble grumble) so please indulge me. There are way too many today to do a poll so let’s just give our answer in the comments. I’ll list as many as I can think of here – but if (when I surely) leave some out please do include them in the comments. I’m thinking for lunch. Ok here goes, Sweetgreen, Chopt, Roti, Taylor Gourmet, A. Litteri, Buredo, Chipotle, Wiseguys Pizza, District Taco, Takorean, Cava Grill, Nando’s Peri Peri, Chix, SeoulSpice, Eatsa, Wiseguys NY Pizza, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Sundevich, Chaia, Merzi… God, we really do have a ton of options, anyway you get the idea. Where’s your favorite fast casual lunch spot? And remember today’s the last day for Pedro and Vinny’s Burrito Cart on K Street.


Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“DDOT has proposed their plans for “fixing” the Dave Thomas Circle at Florida/New York/Eckington Place. They presented their plans on Tuesday night in NOMA and are looking for the public’s feedback by April 21st.”

Given how maddening Dave Thomas Circle has become – which of the five proposals below do you like best?

Which do you think they’ll go with?

Check out all the proposals after the jump. (more…)

black rooster pup popville
1919 L Street, NW

With Mackey’s moving and yesterday’s post about the Black Rooster Pub it got me wondering about the best happy hour spots downtown these days? If you work downtown and want to grab a drink with colleagues after work, where do you go? Do you usually stay downtown or do you all go to another neighborhood? It had been years since I stopped by Black Rooster – but they were as solid as I remembered (with Golden Tee too!) Is Bottom Line still popular? The Exchange?


We have pined for much in the DC dining world – bagels, pastrami, poke. Have we pined for poke? I do not know but it is sure fun to say, pine for poke. Anyway, pine or not, poke is coming. Pastrami and bagels (to a certain degree) are here. Laotian, Thai, proper pizza, Filipino, Pineapples and Pearls with your fancy Michelin stars are all here. We got it all now. Or do we? What is the DC dining world still missing? Obviously we need a WaWa but what else?

retrocession council of dc
graphic via Council of DC

“Dear PoPville,

With all the talk about Jason Chaffetz bringing up it up again, could you do a poll about Retrocession? I know it’s a touchy subject, but I personally support it. I’ve lived in the district for almost 10 years and hate not having full representation. I know there’re many who’ve been here far longer and have a real sense of pride about being independent. I just think the DC political establishment has more to gain by selling the false hope of statehood than by advocating for a viable solution.

Here’s a good Wikipedia page on DC voting rights that talks about it too. I just came across this guy David Krucoff who started a group called Douglass County, MD. Here’s a Post op-ed he co-wrote last year about it.
The 23rd amendment would probably have to be changed too, possibly reducing the electoral college by DC’s 3 votes. Maryland would most likely gain a representative taken away from a red state, but this would be more than offset by the loss of our reliably Democratic votes for President. This could be why it’s usually only talked about by Republicans in Congress. You could increase the size of the House at least temporarily as has been done in the past. That would put the votes up for grabs nationally.”

While we’re on the topic, side note from Councilmember Mary Cheh’s office:

“Members of Congress are quickly moving to pass a measure to prevent the District of Columbia’s Death with Dignity Act from becoming law. This effort is led by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who represents Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Overturning this bill and superseding a local decision without so much as holding a public hearing, contacting the District’s elected leaders, or speaking to our residents raises the concern that the door will be open to future challenges to our right to local, self-governance.

We must defend our autonomy and find creative ways to express dissent against Congressional overreach. Already we understand Chaffetz’s office recently changed his office’s phone line after a barrage of calls by residents expressing displeasure with his meddling in local affairs. In addition to our local efforts, District residents can engage their own network of family and friends across the country to speak up on our behalf and demand that Congress leave the District alone.

Below is a list of Republican Congressmen from states with death with dignity laws. Of anyone in the House, perhaps they will be most sympathetic to our situation. Please share this list with your network, forward this email, and ask others to contact Congress. Perhaps Congressional Representatives will not listen to District residents; but, it will be difficult to ignore the phone calls, Tweets (#HandsOffDC), mail, and office visits of their own constituents on our behalf. (more…)

4481 Connecticut Ave, NW

I’m not gonna do a poll this week, I’m just curious where your favorite spots are because lately I’ve been loving Thai Pad (pictured above.) Where are your favorite spots and equally as important do they deliver? Or have the delivery apps made that part of the question moot? Anyway, where’s your favorite spot and how are the prices?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eline Soinne

So some folks to serious umbrage to the notion that Compass Coffee could be considered the best coffee in DC. So since the last query was in 2014 (which is a lifetime in DC) time for an update. To answer the question definitely once and for all (or for at least the next two(ish) years) – who makes the best coffee in the District of Columbia?


In yesterday’s discussion about how bad traffic had gotten at Dave Thomas Circle, worse than usual, La Mano Coffee Bar mentioned:

“If anyone wants to know, it takes almost 1.5 hrs to take the Safetrack shuttle from Fort Totten to NoMa during rush hour!”

So I’m curious, no matter how you commute – bus, car, metro, etc. – how has your commute changed, if at all? For those whose commutes have gotten longer – how long did it used to be and how long is it now? Any details you can share like where you’re commuting from and where to would be helpful. And obviously what mode of transport? Have you changed modes? If so, is it longer than your normal mode was before Safetrack?