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Primary Care or OB/GYN Recommendations?

I LOVE my doctor, but I just got a notice in the mail that they are turning in to a members only boutique facility, so at a “discounted cost” of $25 a month, I can have special service. While they won’t turn you away if you need your check up, the whole thought turns me off.  I might give it a try because I only go to the doctor once a year, if that, but the idea of being on a wait list because I’m not paying $300 a year for the pleasure of scheduling an appointment with my doctor.
Any youngish PoPers have a great doctor to recommend?  I will need a specialist soon enough, as my husband and I try to start a family, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to find one I like and then go from there?  It’s so hard to find a doctor you really like, so I’m hopeful that I can find my next great one on a recommendation (my current one was on a recommendation from a then-friend).
I’d prefer to stay in DC or close-in MontCo….

Life and Society June 14, 2012 at 10:59 am

Bulk trash on the sidewalk?

I’ve lived in urban areas most of my life and I’ve NEVER lived somewhere where people just left their large trash behind – sofas, beds, tables – like in DC.
Just this past weekend, our block now has a sofa, a large tube TV, and some sort of wall shelving unit on the sidewalk.  Obviously people are dumping their stuff because they’re too lazy to responsibly take care of it/find a new home for it. 
How does it work to get this stuff removed?  I can call 311, but if there’s a more efficient way, or someone has handled it differently, I’d love to know.  It’s SO irritating – nothing like a sofa, left out in the rain, for people to then put MORE of their trash on. 

Announcements May 4, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Anyone need moving supplies?

My husband and I are moving next Saturday and will have boxes and bubble wrap (much of which we got by responding to a post on PoP!).
Boxes and wrap will be available starting Saturday 19 May – is anyone moving and looking to collect boxes?  I can repost closer to the date, but if you’d like to secure the stuff early, let us know. 
We’ll be in Logan Circle and have a car if you must have them delivered within a reasonable area, though we prefer pick up since we’ll be crazy trying to organize our new place. 

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Why would you not call DC animal control? They could be in trouble and/or neglected .
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