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Travel and Transportation May 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Your Opinion: 14th Street Buses

Ever wanted to issue a rant on how you really feel about metro? Tell me! I am a doctoral student currently writing about the 14th Street corridor. My goal is to get a sense of what its like to use the Metro in a specific community on a regular basis.Who do you see? What drives you nuts? Etc. Could you help me by taking 10-minutes to complete a survey about your experience?  You can access the survey:
Thank you!

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You should tweet this survey to @FixWMATA & @wmataplusside. Should give you some good responses.

Also @unsuckdcmetro

I’m not sure what your doctoral focus is (transit/planning or something like psychology) but WMATA and DDOT are currently studying the 14th Street buses. You can find information (and hundreds of people were already surveyed – not sure if that would be useful) here: They will soon be publishing recommendations for improvements to the line.

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