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Sports and Fitness July 22, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Yogo – 1 on 1

Haven’t done Yoga before [have taken stretch classes] and have a few lower back issues. Wondered if anyone in POPVILLE can recommend 1 on 1 Yoga instructor/class to see if my back is A-OK for a class.


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Many yoga studios will be able to set you up with a teacher who can help you get started with some 1 on 1 classes. The easiest thing is to find a studio near you that focuses on alignment, rather than hot yoga or more hard-core practices. Lighthouse Yoga Center in Petworth is happy to help–just give a call. http://www.lighthouseyogacenter.com

i’d ask your doctor whether or not you’re a-ok for yoga first. then i’d look for beginner level or resorative yoga classes. call a studio in your area and ask for recommendations for classes/instructors based on your specific injury. most good teachers ask students at the beginning of class if anyone has any injuries or limitations. if they don’t- tell them your injuries so they can help you modify or avoid certain poses. good luck- yoga has done wonders for my lower back issues!

Thanks you two for your suggestions, I appreciate the advice. EPRIC002 – since you have had similar back issues -may I ask if you go to a studio or watch DVDs? If a studio – which one?

Much Appreciated!

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