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Topic: Worth challenging a moving violation ticket?

General Discussion August 12, 2013 at 9:36 am

Worth challenging a moving violation ticket?

So this weekend I got popped for “not coming to a complete stop” at a stop sign in DC, though I am sure I did. It is a $50 ticket, but I am wondering if it is worth challenging. I can afford to take the time out of my day, so that is not an issue. Here is what I do not know:

1) If I challenge the ticket at a hearing, are there court costs that would make this more expensive?
2) It would basically be the officer’s word vs. mine, is it worth challenging?
3) Would it just be easier to pay for it and how would I go about doing driving school to avoid points?

Thanks in advance for and help!

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I challenged a ticket like this where it was the officers word against mine. The outcome was that I avoided the points, but still have to pay the fine. There were no additional court costs and if the officer doesn’t show up then you may get off all together! Definitely worth it if you have the time to waste.

Awesome – thanks brightwoodparkres! I sort of figured what you said, but its just nice to confirm. I have scheduled a hearing and will see where it goes. I am more concerned with the points than the fine, so if I can avoid those I will be happy. Nothing like having a 12 year clean driving record ruined by a questionable offense…

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