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Home and Garden January 9, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Wood Furniture Refinishing

Hi All, 
Anyone know of someone in the area who does wood furniture refinishing? We have a large 50s-era bookshelf unit (from my mother-in-law) that’s in good shape overall, but could really benefit from being stripped and refinished. 

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Termini Bros in Gaithersburg is excellent with traditional finishes as well as “want a new look” ones (distressing, color, etc…). Had lots of good experiences. (via clients). They pick up for a fee. http://www.terminibrothers.com/


Schoenbauer Furniture is the best. They refinished an antique walnut dresser for me, and it was stunning. They also do sugnificant furniture repair. http://www.schoenbauer.com/index.html

I’d second Schoenbauer. They were sent by my moving company to fix a wooden bookshelf that the moving company broke fairly badly. Schoenbauer did an amazing job and was super-professional. Five years (and another move) later, the bookshelf is still in great shape.

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